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Simon Green: Why can't black people listen to country music?
Keisha Jones: Why?
Simon Green: Because every time they say "hoe-down" they think their sister got shot.

Simon Green: You know, if Theresa had told me you guys were black it really could have saved us an awkward situation.

Percy: I don't want to hear about you sleeping with my daughter - you're sleeping with me now.

Percy: If you're gonna marry one of these women, sometimes it's gonna hurt like hell. And all you can do is admit that you're wrong and know that she's always right.
Simon Green: She's right?
Percy: That's right.
Simon Green: Always?
Percy: Right.
Simon Green: Right.
Percy: That's right.
Simon Green: All right okay, what about all that talk about my dignity?
Percy: Do you love her? Do you want her? Then she's always right.

Keisha Jones: Theresa's boyfriend is white.
Percy: I know.
Keisha Jones: Oh, I know you know. I just wanted to see your face when you heard it again.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Simon is having dinner with Theresa's family, Theresa has a bowl of salad. She puts some salad on her plate and then some on Simon's plate. When the shot changes she is putting salad on her plate and Simon's plate again.

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