Castle Freak

Giorgio D'Orsino, John Reilly's own half-brother is the castle freak. Having been used as a whipping boy by his demented mother (because he's father, who was also John's abandoned them due to Giorgio being born she blamed him solely for her loss and subsquently punnished/disciplined him continously for breaking up the marriage) deep beneath the bowels of the castle for the past forty years, she has disfigured (even further, making his disfigurements even worse) him so badly that he's been left deeply disturbed and incapable of having children (due to being castrated). All his murders are driven by pain, frustration, jealousy and self-protection. He kidnaps Rebecca as he knows she can't see his deformaties. In the final climax John Reilly confronts his deranged sibling and after a brutal scrap, manages to chain himself to his brother and jumps off the castle roof, dragging the struggling Giorgio off to join him to plunge down onto the stoney ground far below.


Rebecca Reilly: There's somebody else here there's somebody in the castle.

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