CQ (2001)

Ending / spoiler

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The guy who steals the movie tape before the end of the movie is the original director (Gerard Depardieu). He gets chased by the new director (the guy who started out as the editor). The new director promises to Depardieu that the revolutionaries will win in the movie and gets back the tape. He finishes the studio movie and his own black and white movie and realizes how much his old girlfriend (who left him) meant to him. Not to worry, though: the lead actress in the studio movie is his new girlfriend, and he starts shooting a color film of her. That's a new beginning.The movie-in-the-movie ending: The girl in the movie gets killed, but it's OK because she's a robot double of the real girl. Her father made the robot in her likeness. The gun in movie freezes people, but the robot double does not get frozen because she's not human. At the very end, the real girl and the revolutionary come up on the rooftop and watch the sunrise. Revolution wins.


Paul: You have, um... an eyelash right here. If you blow on it you can make a wish.
Valentine: I wish cats could talk.

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