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Corrected entry: In both competitions, we already see marks on the ice for the first skater, whereas, this never happens in real life because the ice is always re-surfaced before the first skater takes the ice. Also in the second competition, we see the reflection of Zoe taking the ice, but her competition music starts then, and she is not even in her starting position. In all skating competitions, a skater will start in one position and standing still. (00:53:15 - 01:20:15)

Correction: Ice is not always resurfaced before the first skater in competitions. Often several events take place between resurfacing. Also, there would always be marks on the ice before the first competitor skates because of the warm up. There is never a resurface between a warm up and the first skater.

Corrected entry: The scene with Kim Catrall's character buying Casey new boots in an attempt to hurt her performance would not actually happen that way. Brand new boots, even lower-quality ones, are as stiff as wood when first worn. Even if Casey wanted to skate in them right away, it would be physically impossible.

Correction: Although new skates would hinder your performance it wouldn't make it impossible to skate.

Corrected entry: In the last competition long program, Casey's program has special lighting, but in normal competitions, they never have special lighting and effects. In all competitions, the music has vocals, but in ice rinks it is extremely difficult to understand vocals in songs.The music is also much too good to actually be in an ice rink, because it would be terrible sound quality. The sound of the music also sounds the same wherever the camera is and there is no variation as if it were actually moving around. In the last competition, Casey also stands still and stares at her mom for a while. This would not normally happen in an ice skating program because she is not finishing her program. Aso, in every competition were she falls down, she stays down for much too long. In real life, she would loose so many points and it would make a huge difference to her score. The first competition she would probably end up coming about 8th or probably 10th, and in the second competition with the special lighting, she would not get such high scores. they are much too high for falling down once and staying there for such a long time. In the long program for the second competition, we also do not see the lighting change. Their faces are lit up the same way and the ice looks the same behind them until Casey is suddenly on the ice. If you watch carefully, when Casey walks to take the ice, she seems about a meter away from the barrier, when the camera changes she is suddenly on the ice. (01:25:35)

Correction: You've got about a half dozen mistakes in one submission. Just to answer a couple: No one in the audience of a movie would put up with horrible ice rink acoustics, so they're cleaned up for a movie. This is a movie, not an actual competition. It doesn't matter that Casey stares at her mom, because it's artistic license. She can stare as long as the character wants. Of course falling down would cause her to lose points, but again, this is not a documentary. Ice skating is very subjective, in some Olympic competitions couples have won, even though they fell while the silver medalists didn't. About the only valid submission is the part where she is still in the middle of the ice right after being shown next to the boards.


Corrected entry: The plotline of Casey learning to skate in just a few months (I don't remember the exact timeline, but it's all within a single year of high school), mainly by grasping the theory of the physics of skating, is not possible. Even though it would probably help Casey to have grasped the theory of the different movements, there is such a thing as muscle memory, which can't be rushed or "crammed" in a certain amount of time. It would take years for Casey's body to learn the tricks she learns, even if you allow for her being very talented and having the advantage of her knowledge.

Correction: Casey used to skate before having proper lessons.

Corrected entry: If Nikki's parents had to put out a second mortgage and Tiffany's dad works two jobs just to support their daughters' skating, how can Casey make enough money for skating lessons by running a concession stand? Casey's mom even says at the end of the movie: "You know I can't afford Casey's skating lessons" Well how did Casey afford the skating lessons all summer?

Correction: Simple, she never payed for skating lessons. At her first solo competition, one of the other skaters says something like "So you're the girl with no coach, huh?" The other girls' parents needed a second mortgage because they needed to pay for equipment, rink time, trainers, ballet lessons, and coaches to design a show. Casey's only equipment was a pair of cheap, used skates, she got some free rink time by working at the concession stand, and she had fellow skaters help her pick a routine. The only thing she had to pay for was a few ballet lessons and some rink time, which she could afford with the money from concessions and the money she made by using her physics knowledge to train the other girls.

Factual error: When the results list is posted at the regional competition. "Wooster, MA" is printed next to Zoey Bloch and Avril Dishaw. The correct spelling of the city is Worcester. Wooster is in Ohio.

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Casey Carlyle: What's wrong with wanting to feel strong and graceful and beautiful for once in my life?

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Question: What's the title of the song Casey was using when she was already performing the rink? It doesn't seem to appear in the credits, and I tried searching OSTs online, and none of the songs' lyrics match the song Casey used.

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