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Continuity mistake: As Ducard is sliding down the ice toward the cliff, he's on his front, sliding feet first. Bruce is also on his stomach, but sliding head first. Then, just before Ducard goes over the edge, Bruce is instantly on his back, sliding sideways, right side toward Ducard, just in time to take Ducard's hand, saving him. (00:40:10)


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Suggested correction: The shot from afar shows Bruce rolling as he grabs Ducard at the edge. He isn't instantly on his back.

The mistake is valid. In the shot from afar, Bruce is already on his back with no time to roll over into that position from the previous shot.


Factual error: In the scene where Bruce Wayne gives a homeless man a wad of cash and trades coats, the wad of cash he had is of the new 20 dollar bill with the big numbers. The new 20 didn't begin circulation until October 9, 2003.

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Suggested correction: I don't think this is relevant at all, because the movie or batman movies before it have never been set on any historical time-line as in Batman defeated the Joker in 1963. With X-Men, we know that Magneto's childhood was spent in a Nazi concentration camp, so to set the X-Men in the 1930s would be an error, but even if the atmosphere is designed to invoke a time period, there is nothing onscreen in this Batman movie that makes the film accountable to be set in any specific time period. The only thing we know is that Lucious Fox's equipment was originally slated to be used by the military for some unnamed war.

This correction is wrong. The scene is set 7 years prior to the current day, and the film isn't meant to be set in the future either. The film is meant to be set in "present" day (2005), which is why you see Bruce drive a 2005 Lamborghini. It has nothing to do with being in a "historical time-line."


Factual error: After the funeral, when the young Rachel looks up at young Bruce from outside the mansion, you can see a modern-day Illinois license plate. These plates were not available at the time.

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Suggested correction: I don't see how this is relevant. Batman is not set along a historic time-line. Batman first defeated the Joker in 1963. There might be a certain time period that the atmosphere of the movie is trying to capture but since there's no specific date, than there's no obligation to keep every facet of the movie in that time period.

This correction is wrong, while no date is specified, it's meant to take place in the "present" which is why you see cars from early 2000's and a 2005 Lamborghini. And the film isn't meant to be set in future either. Although the mistake should specify what is meant by "modern", it's unlikely they were in use about 15 years ago (from the setting of the film).


Revealing mistake: Near the end of the scene, when Bruce and Fox are in the tumbler Fox says "We never could get the damn bridge to work, but this baby works just fine" then Bruce turns the wheel to the left but the tumbler turns right. (00:57:45)

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[The Batmobile drives past Gordon and runs over a car.]
Gordon: I've got to get me one of those.

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Question: In the animated series Ra's Al Ghul's name is pronounced "Raishe" rhyming with race. In this movie it's pronounced "Raaz". Why the change?

Answer: "Rahz" or "Raaz" is how the name is pronounced in Arabic. The pronounciation in the animated series was purposfully done to shun the notion of Ra's being Arabic (having a terrorist be Arabic could cause problems for a children's cartoon.)

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