Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith

Question: Does Vader sleep in his suit?

Answer: Darth Vader has a special chamber in which parts of the suit can be removed for comfort. When he is not in the chamber he must wear it at all times in order to survive.

Answer: Darth Vader does have his own personal chamber made to assist him with the equipment /suit he wears as well as, I'm sure, for resting/meditation purposes. Also keep in mind that Jedi/Sith, especially those trained to use the force (particularly those having mastered it), don't need the same sleep requirements regular folks need. They can "sleep" sitting straight up, on top of much harder elements and they can even "draw" energy from the force to help them stay awake. The expanded universe, via the books, gives more examples of Jedi/Sith sleeping or measures they take.

Question: During the lightsaber duel on Mustafar, why does Anakin even bother to try to make the jump that he afterwards regretted? Couldn't he had just simply used the force to push the lava towards Obi-Wan, killing him, and then make the jump to safety?

Answer: Maybe, but he is overconfident and impulsive. He has also let rage blind him. Anakin is probably the better fighter of the two, but Obi-Wan kept his cool and analyzed as he fought while Anakin fought angrily and ultimately foolishly which left an opening for Obi-Wan to maim him. It's said in almost every episode of Star Wars not to let fear and anger cloud your judgement. Here are the results.

Grumpy Scot

Question: Do clones have the option to choose whether or not to obey the Chancellor's orders? Because not all clones did - Captain Rex for example.

Answer: The Clone Wars series depicts the insertion of a biochip during the cloning process on Kamino - in Star Wars Rebels, Rex mentions he removed his own chip before Order 66. He was warned of their function by Fives after Tup's chip had malfunctioned.


Clone Wars season seven actually clarifies that Rex didn't remove his chip on his own, but was able to resist Order 66 long enough to tell Ahsoka to read his report on Fives, which allowed her to learn about the inhibitor chip and remove it from his head. Rex being able to resist it suggests that Wulffe may have also resisted it long enough for his to be removed, since he also seemed fairly close to his general.

Question: When some Jedi die, they disappear (Yoda, Obi-wan). When others die, they don't (Qui-gon, Vader). Why is that? I thought this phenomenon would be explained in this movie, but unless I missed something, no explanation was given.

Matty Blast

Chosen answer: Powerful force users seem to have some degree of control over their bodies even after death. In the later series, Luke's wife Mara Jade Skywalker only allows her body to disappear when her killer, and nephew Jacen Solo arrives at her funeral as a clue. Thus it appears that a powerful force user can simply choose if they wish their body to disappear.

Darius Angel

Answer: Towards the end of the movie Yoda tells Obi Wan that Qui Gon has learned the path to imortality and offers to teach this to Obi Wan. In the Clone Wars TV series we see the journey Yoda takes to learn this power. The power to become one with the force is a power you have to learn as opposed to being achievable to all Jedi. Both yoda and Obi Wan has the years between ROTS and ANH/ESB to fine tune and master this power. It is possible that Darth Vader, having seen Obi Wan become one with the force, spent the following years after A New Hope, studying and learning this skill by himself, hence how he was able to appear as a force ghost towards the end of Return of the Jedi, but not quite skilled enough to dissapear on cue.

Question: This question may sound dumb, but nevertheless. When Obi-Wan confronts Anakin on Mustafar, he says "Only a Sith deals in absolutes", and ignites his lightsaber, basically challenging Anakin. The question is, why? Obi-Wan's chosen his ways with the force, why can't Anakin? Most Jedi have already been killed throughout the galaxy, so Obi-Wan doesn't have much else to lose (except one of his only friends left that he's basically trying to discard in a duel). Anakin's trying to use the Dark Side to save Padme, so why can't Obi-Wan just let go of the fact that Anakin has chosen his ways, become a Sith (with Anakin seeing the better-good in it), and just let Anakin get on with his life?

Answer: Obi Wan letting Anakin "go his own way" would be sanctioning the emperor's evil plan and allowing the resulting massive deaths and suppression of personal freedom. Condoning others being murdered just to save Padme is an unacceptable justification to any Jedi Knight. It's like someone saying why couldn't Hitler just have gone his own way, resulting in his continued extermination and enslavement of millions of of innocent people.


Question: Since it was possible to create a clone army, why were cybernetic parts given to Anakin, instead of cloning the limbs he lost and attaching them to his body?

Answer: To add to the above it is not just that he is missing arms and legs but his internal organs like lungs are incapable of working properly. So one would have to do more then just replace the arms and legs. In addition Palpatine make the suit vulnerable to force lighting making it harder for Vader to overthrow him as is the way of the Sith.

Answer: It's debatable whether or not they could clone individual body parts. Also, since Anakin's limbs were severed with a lightsaber, his nerve endings would be cauterized, so simply reattaching organic limbs to them wouldn't be an option.


Answer: Adding to what Phaneron, also note how long it would take to grow said limbs for a full adult. The clones themselves have growth acceleration so that they take half the time a normal person to reach full maturity and growth. But this still takes 10-15 years for the to get to physical adulthood. And their growth acceleration doesn't stop at that point. The reason why none of the Storm Troopers are Clones in the original trilogy, by the time New Hope rolls around, is because they age twice as fast. Most died of old age or were very old by that point as in that 17 year time gap between Episode 3 and 4, they aged 34 years physically, without the growth acceleration being stopped as it's likely not able to be stopped. So it would take a very long time to grow cloned limbs for Anakin and be physically a match for him. And if they did accelerate the growth for said limbs, it would only take a few years before he'd be a younger guy walking around with very old man legs and arms. Not to mention, the arms and legs wouldn't have his muscle mass grown by default without being used.

Quantom X

Where or when is it said the accelerated growth doesn't stop or is removed when the clones reach adulthood?


In many places in the canon. Just look at the new Rebels show even. There are still a few clones left, and they are very very old.

Quantom X

Question: When Anakin reports to Mace Windu that Palpatine is a Sith Lord, Why didn't Windu consult Yoda and the other Jedi such as Obi-Wan before facing Palpatine? It would've been a backup or reinforcements kind of thing.


Answer: Yoda was on Kashyyyk helping the Wookies and Obi-Wan was on Utapau engaging General Grievous. Mace Windu did bring three other jedi with him, he thought he had enough backup. Obviously he misjudged but the Jedi were spread thin throughout the galaxy and Windu had limited choices.


Well he didn't misjudge his ability to defeat Sidious, as he did. He misjudged Anakin.


This is true. You could even argue that he didn't misjudge Anakin, he told Anakin to stay behind knowing his feelings would be conflicted but Anakin disobeyed.


Well he knew there was conflict inside Anakin but he misjudged the level of conflict, or the fact Anakin was basically already a Sith.This new information meant too much for Windu in such a short time, his duty got in the way, he felt it absolutely necessary to do it quickly. If only he had waited and taken his time to connect the dots. So many dots.


The idea that Sidious was beaten by Windu is up for debate. Sidious needed Anakin to do something big to fully succumb to the dark side. He knew Anakin was coming and in my opinion, was acting defeated to force Anakin to choose. Mace was naive and arrogant and assumed Sidious was beaten, when in reality, it was a show.

Windu is supposed to be the best lightsaber duellist around, even better than Yoda. I don't believe for a second Sidious was allowing Windu to beat him. Anakin showing up was his gamble, if he hadn't then Sidious would be dead.


Sidious would have sensed the conflict in Anakin and knew that the temptation would force him (no pun intended) to go and intervene.

I think it's worth mentioning that almost everyone on the Jedi Council and most of the Jedi masters were on the front lines when Mace Windu confronts Palpatine, so Kit Fisto and co. were probably the only help he could get? Palpatine may have even orchestrated events so most of the strongest Jedi were away from Coruscant in the first place (so they could more easily be dispatched by Order 66).

The entire war was Palpatine's way of spreading the Jedi thin.


Answer: Possibly the Jedi have the dark side of the force clouding their judgements.

Question: Why would Grevious choose to face Obi-Wan alone? He could have a one-shot chance to defeat Obi-Wan completely with his droid army.

Answer: Grievous collects the lightsabers of Jedi he has killed as trophies, so as a warrior he believes there is considerable prestige to be had by defeating them in single combat (particularly one of Kenobi's ability) rather than relying on his droids to do it.


Answer: Being the sort of character that he is Grievous had a big ego so to simply let his droids take out Kenobi would be a waste of his abilities. Like in the clone wars where he would earn trophies of sorts by collecting defeated Jedis' lightsabers - he references this earlier in the film by taunting Anakin and Obi-wan.

Question: Why does Darth Vader's mask need to alter his vision (there are digital symbols and a red shade to the lenses)? I had a classmate who had been burned in a fire, including his face, but he could see normally.

Answer: Anakin Skywalker's eyes were fine, the mask visor just gives him extras probably like heat vision and a HUD. Since he was wearing the mask, he might as well wear a visor with technology that enhances his vision.


He had become Darth Vader before the fight with Obi-Wan on Mustafar. He is no longer Anakin Skywalker when he first receives the mask.

Answer: No. It was a well kept secret that only his apprentice knew.

Who is that apprentice?


Not only his apprentice knew. Maas Amedda and Sly Moore also knew.

Answer: First it was Darth Maul in Episode 1. Then in Episodes 2 and 3 it was Count Dooku.


Question: On Mustafar, when Anakin accuses Padme of bringing Obi-wan to kill him, why doesn't Obi-wan tell him that Padme didn't actually do it (Obi-wan hid on her ship)?

Answer: Obi-Wan knows Anakin is so far gone into the Dark Side that he won't believe him, despite it being the truth.

Cubs Fan

Question: Is it possible, or even probable, that Palpatine was somehow responsible for Shmi Skywalker's pregnancy? When talking about Darth Plagius who could create life it's implied that Palpatine was the apprentice and knows the power too.

Matty Blast

Chosen answer: Plagueis taught Palpatine everything he knew, even his knowledge of midi-chlorian manipulation (though Palpatine could not master the skill) and roughly ten years before the events of The Phantom Menace, Palpatine and Plagueis attempted to create a super-being via midi-chlorian manipulation which inadvertently resulted in Anakin's conception (Plagueis theorised the conception was the Force "striking back" for their unnatural use of it) Thus inadvertently Palpatine is indeed responsible for Anakin's conception.

Darius Angel

Question: Luke calls Owen and Beru 'Aunt and Uncle.' Is he just referring to them as close relations, or did Anakin's mother have other children?

Answer: Owen's father married Anakin's mother, making the pair step-brothers, so, even though it's not actually a blood relationship, uncle is an accurate way of describing Owen's relationship to Luke.


Question: With all of the technology in the "Star Wars" universe, could Padme and Anakin really not know that she was pregnant with twins? Even our real-life technology usually makes women aware of this before the pregnancy is half over.

Answer: The level of technology within the Star Wars franchise is never fully explained within the films; also, most of the technology depicted deals with non-medical applications. Padme was also trying to keep her pregnancy secret since Jedi were not allowed to marry or become parents at the time this film is set within the Star Wars canon, so it's likely she rarely, if ever, saw the SW equivalent of a doctor during her pregnancy.


Answer: Given that she gives birth at the end there is a 9 month time frame to work with. The pair could have easily seen a doctor and learned of the twins. Since it is not really the primary focus of this film we can pretty much assume anything.

This seems very unlikely. Anakin refers to "the baby" throughout the movie. And until the incident on Mustafar, there is no reason why Padme would pretend to only be pregnant with one baby. She doesn't even believe that he changed/turned until she goes to Mustafar.

Answer: Here's a bit more detailed of an answer, after I had some more time to think about it. Remember that Anakin is still young, in his mid to late 20's approximate. He still had a ways to go till he reached the rank of Master on his own anyways, with the council being skeptical of him to begin with. His induction onto the Council was not something they wanted in the first place. Rather, it was Palpatine that appointed him as his representative on the Counsel.The Jedi had been growing to distrust Palpatine in this time and even Mace Windu stated that they could feel the Dark Side surrounds him. They didn't yet know he was secretly Sidious, but even still they had a growing concern about him and his ability to stay in office longer than intended as well as him reaching for more power. The Jedi allowed Anakin onto the Council because it was an opportunity for them... to use Anakin to spy on Palpatine. An assignment given to him off the record. They denied him the rank of Master for a number of reason. 1. His age. Again he's not even 30 yet and Obi-Wan even stated that to be on the Council at his age was unheard of. 2. They didn't trust him fully. He hadn't earned the respect and experience needed for the rank of Master yet. And there was the matter of Yoda sensing his future to be very clouded and unsure. Like Charlies said, his exceptionally high Midiclorian count and his unpredictability due to it was a high cause for concern. 3. It's likely they didn't intend to keep him on the Council. The war was close to ending, or so they hoped. The Separatist armies were dwindling and on the run. It looked like victory was a sure fire deal in the near future, as Count Dooku had been killed and they had traced the location of General Grievous. Once Grievous was dealt with, the war would pretty much be over at that point. They just feared that Palpatine might not relinquish his power at the end and needed someone close to him to keep an eye on him. Anakin was the only one among their ranks that could do that job due to his friendship with Palpatine. Which also that friendship was another red flag for them for Anakin. I believe that once the war was over and Palpatine finally removed from office now that things were settled, they did not intend to keep Anakin on the council any longer since he was an unwelcome semi-forced member in the first place. Allowing him to possibly earn his own way in the future and achieving the Rank of Master on his own right, if he could do it. So, basically, they didn't trust Anakin, he was too young, they needed him on the Council only temporarily, and intended to boot him off the Council and let him earn his own way back on his own after the dust had settled from the war. Just as we know... things didn't turn out that way.

Quantom X

Anakin was also acting very immature.

This is true. After he was put on the council he complained that it's not fair and not right.

Answer: He had not yet proven himself enough. Keep in mind he's still pretty young here, somewhere in his mid 20's. The Masters are older, more experienced and proven Jedi who are wise and have gained the respect. Also his closeness to the Chancellor made him a liability and they were not sure they could trust him to make decisions rationally when he was involved.

Quantom X

Answer: In "Star Wars I: The Phantom Menace," Qui-Gon Jinn discovers and reveals to the Jedi Council that 9-year-old Anakin Skywalker has the highest midichlorian reading ever recorded. Midichlorians, of course, are the microscopic lifeforms that allow Jedi and Sith alike to wield The Force. Anakin's midichlorians are off the chart, meaning that he has potential to be the strongest Jedi Master ever. Ever. That's why the Jedi Council approaches Anakin's training very, very cautiously. Rather than fast-tracking him to Jedi Master, the Council extends Anakin's apprenticeship to focus on his self-discipline, because they fear that this kid is a ticking bomb who could, potentially, flip to the Dark Side with catastrophic results (which is precisely what happens).

Charles Austin Miller

Keep in mind his age as well. Even Obi-Wan stated to him that to be on the council at his age has never been done before.

Quantom X

Answer: The only two ways for a Knight to achieve Masterhood, are for the Knight to successfully train a Padawan to Knighthood. The other is an extreme act of heroism, as determined by the Council. Then the Knight can be given a second set of trials more difficult than the first, pass them and achieve Masterhood. Anakin hasn't done either of those.

Question: Why does Obi-Wan want to watch over Luke, but nobody needs to watch Leia?

Answer: Leia was placed into the care of a very wealthy family, and would be given protection 24/7. Luke, on the other hand, was placed into the care of a very secluded home and a poor family, with almost little to no protection from outside dangers. Luke would have been more at risk if the Empire found out who he was.

Casual Person

Answer: Incidentally, this question is kind of being addressed in the new Obi-Wan Kenobi series.


Question: Is this true that young Han Solo was originally supposed to appear in this movie?

Answer: There was strong talk of that happening. Lucas envisioned a ten-year-old Solo scrounging on Chewbacca's home planet. He was given only one line "I found part of a transmitter droid near the east bay. I think it's still sending and receiving signals." It would be revealed that Chewbacca raised Solo and taught how to fly ships. He was also to have met Yoda, but the idea got out of hand so it was scrapped.

Question: Why didn't Bail Organa have R2-D2's memory wiped?

Answer: R2-D2 isn't known for being a loud mouth like C-3P0 is. 3P0 is very likely to spit out valuable information or information about the Skywalker twins being born because that's just how he is. There isn't that danger with R2. Also R2 is an astromech mechanic. Most wouldn't think of him holding information like a protocol droid would.

Quantom X

Answer: This is because only C3PO knows the identity of Leia and Luke, since he was around Anakin and Padme whilst pregnant, and thus most likely knows it's a twin and the identity of the father, whilst R2D2 doesn't.


C-3PO could have easily told R2-D2 about Luke and Leia while thinking that he wouldn't say anything. I wouldn't say that R2-D2 was a blabbermouth but he did accidentally tell Luke about the private message for Obi-Wan in ANH.

Answer: R2-D2 is better capable of not revealing any secret information.


Answer: At the start of the movie the only people who knew are Dooku and others close to Palpatine. It's possible Grievous knew too, but we never get a confirmation. By the end of the movie all the remaining Jedi know, as well as Senator Organa and all the clone troops. The Senate doesn't.


It is said that in the film's official novelization, Grievous doesn't know Palpatine is Sidious.


Dooku, Maul, Maas Amedda, Sly Moore, Grand Moff Tarkin, and Ochi of Bestoon all knew.

Question: Since the Jedi already knew that Count Dooku is a Sith Lord, did the Jedi ever find out that he is also Darth Tyranus?


Answer: Unlikely as Obi-Wan knew from Jango Fett that he was recruited by a man named Tyranus and with that information they could have known the clone army was ordered by the sith. Its possible after the betrayal that Yoda and Obi-Wan figured it out, but by then it was not much use.


It is eventually revealed in the Clone Wars series to Kenobi and Skywalker that Tyranus and Dooku are one and the same. Prior to this, the Jedi had no idea who Tyranus was.


But like I said that would mean they knew the clone army was connected to the sith.


It most certainly should. That Kenobi never connects the dots is an astounding oversight. I've always felt like it was a writing mistake to have Jango Fett reveal the name Tyranus to Kenobi, as it makes the Jedi, and Kenobi especially, seem incredibly stupid for not putting everything together. The fact that the Clone Wars series makes it clear that Kenobi knows exactly who Tyranus is but the Jedi still trust the clones afterwards is insane. It would have made much more sense to keep the identity of Tyranus a secret to the Jedi.


Yep, the Clone Wars series tends to do that a lot.


Then why did Obi Wan didn't do anything? Like telling the Jedi order that the Clone army is is a part of the Sith Plan.


I think that's a mistake in the clone wars series, which was made after Episode III was released. In the movies they didn't know.


Good point. But I wonder if the Jedi ever wondered about Dooku's Sith name.


Hm I see what you mean. Maybe they didn't think he had one? I think Dooku preferred his real name over his moniker. Since he had power with his name, he still called himself Dooku. Also, his identity as a Sith was a secret for a long time, but even as he was revealed as a Sith he still introduced himself as Dooku.


Among the three apprentices of Darth Sidious, Tyranus is the one who ressembles Palpatine the most. They're both mature, noble, political leader who has a secret sith agenda.Both of them hide their Sith Identity.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Anakin arrives on Mustafar and tells R2-D2 to stay with the ship, he pulls the hood of his robe over his head with two organic hands. His right hand should be mechanical. [This mistake is mentioned in the audio commentary: this shot is taken from a shot of Obi-Wan later in the film when leaving Padme's apartment. Still a mistake, though.] (01:32:55)

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