Latter Days
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Lila Montagne: I don't believe in coincidence. These days, I believe in miracles.

Elder Aaron Davis: I didn't come to unload on you.
Lila Montagne: You gave me that privilege once. Let me return the favor.
Elder Aaron Davis: After we... After we met, I was... sent home and excommunicated... for being gay.
Lila Montagne: Your church doesn't like alcohol or homosexuals. Hmm... Well, I'm definitely not joining. Can't imagine heaven without both.

Julie Taylor: Why don't we just play two-on-two?
Ryder: But you're.
Julie Taylor: A girl? So I can't play? But then I am black so maybe I can. Your only problem's gonna be deciding which one of your narrow-minded stereotypes is gonna kick your lily-white ass. Afraid you'll get beaten?
Christian Markelli: By a girl and a fag?

Christian Markelli: I thought I'd rather die than be gay. I got a pretty good idea of what dying felt like. But lying there in the arms of that man, I thought if this is what being gay feels like... bring it on.

Keith Griffin: Do you feel guilty for being so good-looking?

Lila Montagne: A toast, an affirmation, a prayer of thanks. I want you to know that, wherever we find ourselves in this world, whatever our successes or failures, come this time of year, you will always have a place of my table. And a place in my heart.

Continuity mistake: When Aaron and Christian get undressed at the Airport Inn, Aaron is naked and Christian is wearing an orange thong. He pulls his thong down to his mid-thigh, then embraces Aaron and they sort of waddle over towards the bed. Then, in the next shot, as they fall together onto the bed, Christian is no longer wearing the thong.


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