Trivia: Not a mistake as such, but interesting to note. When Rodney and Fender are in Fender's room, lying in the hammocks, look behind Fender on the wall. Behind him is a "robot" version of the 'American Gothic' painting from the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

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Trivia: A little nod to another Blue Sky Studios Production, "Ice Age". When Rodney is looking around Robot city, he comes across a red robot that plays hip-hop. As Rodney walks away nervously ("Uh, n-n-never mind"), pause the frame just before the shot changes and you'll see (on the left) a yellow, mechanical Sid. Sid is the sloth (and the main character) from "Ice Age". (00:15:25)

Trivia: When Rodney is trying to repair Bigweld on the crosstown express, Bigweld sings a slowed down version of "Daisy, Daisy" just like Hal 9000 when he is being shut down at the end of 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Trivia: James Earl Jones has one line in the film, as a hardware-store voice simulator: "The Force is strong with this one." - A bit of advance publicity for another Twentieth Century-Fox release, also starring Ewen McGregor and featuring robots prominently.

Trivia: The robot in the ticket booth when Rodney buys his ticket to leave Rivet Town picks his nose just after Herb says 'What instinct? He left a note. I'll be at the train station'

Trivia: The green robot in the Bigweld Show (the one with the jet pack) was the original model for Rodney.

Trivia: When Rodney is working on superbot, some of his five year old parts can be seen on the bed behind him, to the left.

Trivia: The piece with Rodney dancing on the chair near the start (because the Bigweld show was coming on) was based on a child of one of the production team doing a 'booty dance'

Continuity mistake: Following Rodney's step from the escalator on the red pedestal he is being scooped into one half of a wire-frame globe/ball. Two halves now (the other one has Fender in it) form an intact globe. A safety bar with a 'wooden' middle bit (like those on rollercoasters) suddenly appears. After their journey, when the ball splits back into two halves, the safety bar, which previously had mysteriously appeared, now has disappeared.

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Fender : Welcome to Robot City. If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere. And if you can't make it there, welcome to the club.

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Question: How did Rodney become magnetized after being kicked out of Bigweld industries?

Answer: Ferric metal can itself become magnetized after being exposed to a strong magnetic field (such as the one that stuck to him at Bigweld Industries. It will wear off after a short time.


Answer: He was stuck to a huge magnet that wheeled him out of Bigweld Industries and being made out of metal attracted a lot of metallic shavings and later metallic objects that followed him everywhere.

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