The Final Cut

The Final Cut (2004)


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Delila: There's no place for me with you. You haven't even made room for yourself. You have to separate yourself from that machine.

Alan: You wanna take a shot too? Everybody else has.

Alan: They say that friends help you move, but good friends help you move bodies, don't they?

Delila: What is it?
Alan Hakman: Some implants have defect. They can't see the difference between what the eye sees and what the mind sees.
Delila: Everytime I think I've had it with you, you show me something amazing.

Alan Hakman: I forgive people long after they can be punished for their sins.

Jennifer: Perhaps... some things are best forgotten.
Alan: Perhaps.

Thelma: Give the footage back to the widow. Let her deal with it.
Alan: I can't give it back. There's someone in that project I haven't seen for years.
Thelma: I hate it when that happens.

Fletcher: It's a strange profession you have, isn't it, Alan? You take people's lives, make lies out of them.
Alan Hakman: It's been a long time, Fletcher.
Fletcher: Eight years.
Alan Hakman: Well, I don't have time to catch up right now.
Fletcher: How can you handle it, Alan? People sleeping and shitting... people stealing from each other... manipulating each other. The obscenity.
Alan Hakman: I can't talk, I'm working.

Alan Hakman: I need to speak to you alone.
Thelma: Michael, why don't you go down to the store and buy some cigarettes?
Michael: We got eight packs already.
Thelma: Well, bring them back then. We don't need so many.

Delila: Why are you here? You know it doesn't work between us.
Alan Hakman: I can change.
Delila: You can't change. You're a man of marble.
Alan Hakman: I still have some of your things. You want me to drop them off?
Delila: Keep them as souvenirs.
Alan Hakman: You wanna come by and pick them up?

Alan Hakman: The dead mean nothing to me, Mrs. Bannister. I took this job because I respect the living.

Delila: These moments... they belong to me, Alan. The good and the bad. They're mine and his! Who are you to take them away from me?

Alan Hakman: My job is to let people remember what they want to remember, Fletcher. It fulfilled a human need. I didn't invent the technology.

Alan: Then you know what it's like to be haunted. One memory... one single incident has made me who I am. It won't leave me be. The guilt tears me apart.

Delila: You fell in love with an image of me. Not the real me.
Alan Hakman: At first. Now I want you the way you really are.
Delila: I can't believe you after what you did.

Continuity mistake: When Alan Hakman talks to the young girl Isabel and she gives her speech about how great her dad is, she is looking directly at him. At the end, when Fletcher is viewing the scene through Alan's eyes, Isabel gives the entire speech while looking down at the floor.

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Question: Why are the implants called ZOE? Does it stand for something?

Answer: The movie provides no answer as to why the device was named "ZOE." However, one should note the word "Zoe" is actually a greek word for "life." Since the ZOE implant records someone's life, this sounds like the most logical answer to why it was named ZOE. On a side note: The first device to display moving images was called the "Zoetrope", the similar name could have had further influence as to why this implant was named ZOE.

Kelsey H.

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