The Final Cut

The Final Cut (2004)

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Alan questions Bannister's daughter and learns the man is named Louis Hunt, the name of the boy he believes he killed. Alan learns he has a chip inside himself, something he never learned because his parents didn't live to tell him. This is against the code cutters follow that says cutters cannot have a chip. He goes to a parlor where a tattoo is made on you to disable the chip. Alan receives a tattoo to disable the audio, but must wait a week for the video. When he returns home a lady he's been sleeping with finds out he used memories of her ex-boyfriend to spy on her. She shoots Bannister's chip. Now Alan goes and has his cutter friends hook him up to allow him to view his OWN memories. While viewing his childhood, Alan learns he tried to warn Louis not to attempt to cross on a wooden plank and he fell. The fall was not as far as he thought, and he was still breathing at the bottom. Alan also learns he stepped in red paint, not Louis' blood, all things showing he did not kill his friend. Louis was actually the man who died a year ago in a car accident.Unfortunately, due to his trip to the parlor, Fletcher learns Alan has a chip and catches him at the cemetery. He wants his chip to view so that he can watch Bannister's life through Alan's eyes. After a long chase, he lets Alan go, but then his friend shoots Alan in the chest. At the very end, Fletcher is seen viewing Alan's life.


Revealing mistake: Robin Williams is working on Bannister's rememory, scanning newspaper articles. Under the first headline, "Bannister Eyes Future," the copy reads, "Whoever wrote these headlines had as much fun as I did setting them in type and formatting them into newspaper articles. But then, this sort of headline appears in the paper regularly, so maybe we all just want to have fun. Fun: such a precious commodity these days."

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Delila: There's no place for me with you. You haven't even made room for yourself. You have to separate yourself from that machine.

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Question: Why are the implants called ZOE? Does it stand for something?

Answer: The movie provides no answer as to why the device was named "ZOE." However, one should note the word "Zoe" is actually a greek word for "life." Since the ZOE implant records someone's life, this sounds like the most logical answer to why it was named ZOE. On a side note: The first device to display moving images was called the "Zoetrope", the similar name could have had further influence as to why this implant was named ZOE.

Kelsey H.

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