Eddie Izzard: Circle

Eddie Izzard: Circle (2002)


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Directed by: Anastasia Pappas

Starring: Eddie Izzard

Genres: Comedy, Documentary

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Eddie: He did apologise for the Spanish Inquisition. He said it was far too inquisitive. Supposed to be the Spanish Casual Chat.

Eddie: But then the Roman Empire fell like this - "oh shit." And we went into what the historians called the Stupid Fucker period. Where everyone was going -"er, I dunno. Is that a Roman road? Can we eat it?" Then there was the dark Ages. " I can't even see you! Where are you?"

Eddie: What I'm talking about is blasphemy! Blasphe-you! Blasphe-everybody in the room... hm. 6 person joke, that. There we go.

Eddie: There was Pope John if you remember, now there is Pope John Paul. The next Pope's gonna be John Paul George and we can see where they're going.

Eddie: This is football we're talking about here, which you call bananas and you're reluctant to play it. But you play baseball, the World Series. You've won every year, America's won every year in that. Well done America.

Eddie: Other animals could have secret talents, like tigers might be good with banjos.

Eddie: They're not very good at naming Popes as well. They had a run of Piuses, it went like Hollywood, they had Pope Pius the first, the second, Pope Pius the third "The revenge of Pope Pius." Pope Pius the fourth, "This time he's pissed off." Pope Pius the fifth in 3D.

Eddie: Whats that star? It's the Death Star. What does it do? It does Death! It does Death buddy! Get out of my way.

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