Man of the House

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3.5/10.One of those so bad it's amusing to watch.Just seeing the buffoonery of this cast is priceless alone.Tommy Lee Jones looks miserable as he knows this movie is bad as does Anne Archer.Cedric the entertainer, as usual, does his usual routine of trying to steal every scene he's in.I found all five of the cheerleaders insufferable especially Monica Keena and Vanessa Ferlito.They made watching paint dry look interesting.It's still one of those so bad it's good to watch movies like Below The Belt and Wonder Woman.


Revealing mistake: In the scene when the hijacked bus gets crashed, you can see the tire skid marks on the road already from where they have performed multiple takes of this stunt.

Timothy Conard

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Roland Sharp: Furthermore, I'd appreciate it if you'd cover yourselves in our presence. I realise how very proud you are... of your tattoos, piercings, and other body modifications. However, my colleagues and I do not need to see these! Are there any questions?
Teresa: I have one. Are you always such a dick?
Roland Sharp: Yes.

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