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Corrected entry: After Shane gets a message from Julie Plummer that it would take a longer time to get the right password, Shane is talking with the kids. When they go to him, watch Lulu's eyes. When she goes to Shane, she is looking down at the floor to see where her tape mark is.


Correction: It's not uncommon for someone to glance at the floor while they're walking.

Jeff Swanson

Corrected entry: When Vin Diesel first arrives and is in the kitchen talking to Mrs Plummer, she is cleaning off the counter and she first clears off the loose cereal spilled on the counter, and then reaches for the box to move it. At that moment the camera angle changes and you see Mrs Plummer move the box out of the way and then wipe up the cereal again, which in the previous shot had already been cleaned up.

Correction: When she first cleaned the counter, she left a few grains of cereal in it. Then she cleaned the rest.

Corrected entry: When Shane is chasing the bus with Seth on it, the blue car behind the bus changes from an 2000 Saturn (seen from the front) to a VW Jetta (seen from behind).

Correction: This mistake seems to be accurate, but if you notice in the shot with the Saturn, there are no lines on the road. In the shot with the VW, there are lines on the road. The shots weren't consecutive so it is possible that the Saturn turned off and the VW turned on the road since the shots weren't one right after another.


Corrected entry: The principle of the school reveals to Vin Diesel that she is a Petty Officer Third Class when they first meet. Later, he makes a comment "So I guess you're the commanding officer around here." to her. Petty Officers are enlisted personnel, NOT officers.

Correction: She is in charge of the school so that would make her the " Commanding Officer" of the school. The comment has nothing to do with her actual rank in the Navy.

Corrected entry: The wife and military guy are at the bank trying to guess the password to gain access to the item the late husband left there. The troubling thing is that they could just sit there and try and try over and over again to guess at the password until they finally got it right. Talk about a huge security hole where somebody can just walk off the street wanting access to your bank account and keep guessing until they get the info right.


Correction: The password was the idea of the husband's, not the banks. The bank person said "it was your husband's wishes." The bank person said that they did do checks on both of them, and it was OK.

James Storck

Corrected entry: When Shane jumps on the bike to follow Seth, there are two women walking on the sidewalk walking towards a bus, a car and the bike that Shane is on. However, when the camera angle changes, the bus, the car and the bike can all be seen, but the women are nowhere to be seen, though they should have been.

Correction: The girls are walking in one direction, and the bike, car, and bus are going in the opposite direction. All three pass the girls, and then the angle changes. At first it was pointing towards the girls, then it was pointing away from the girls, so the girls shouldnt be in the picture. Techincally they are behind the camera.

James Storck

Corrected entry: When Shane is assigning tracking devices and code names (Red Leader, etc.), Seth leaves and goes upstairs. Later Shane realizes he is gone, and when he goes looking for him he is yelling "Red 1. Red 1." but Seth wouldn't have known what he was talking about, since he already left.

Correction: But he is already Red 1 in Shane's mind. Which is all that counts.

shortdanzr Premium member

Corrected entry: Right after Shane notices that he left Peter at that Chuck E. Cheese place, there is an arcade machine in the background. The top banner says 'Mortal Kombat II' but the screen says 'Mortal Kombat Trilogy' which is a completely different game. In addition, Mortal Kombat Trilogy was only available on home consoles, NOT in the arcade.

Correction: It is actually possible for the game in the machine to be different than the one labeled on the unit, and actually it is possible for there to be a Mortal Kombat Trilogy in the cabinet, I have seen them and a lot of other games that were console games only.

Corrected entry: Seth and Zoe put grease on the stairs so that Vin Diesel can fall down the stairs. However the nanny ends up falling instead. Initially when she falls, she throws the basket of clothes she is carrying behind her, yet in the next shot of her falling down the stairs the basket is falling down with her. The basket shouldn't fall down the stairs if she threw it behind her at the top of the stairs.

Correction: We see throughout the film that opposite the top of the stairs is a wall. It's perfectly possible the basket ricocheted off the wall and down the stairs.

Correction: If they only have enough people to cast 6 kids, then the play will have 6 kids. Productions often combine characters to accommodate their needs.

Corrected entry: When Vin Diesel is getting aboard the ship to rescue the father character, you can see a shot of coastline in the background. I thought the location of the rescue is supposed to be in open water.

Correction: The movie begins with Vin on the coast, so the scene takes place not far from it.

Corrected entry: In the commercials for this movie, you see Vin Diesel wearing his Navy uniform. On his lapels, you can see he wears Captain insignia (two vertical silver bars connected by two smaller bars) However, everyone calls him a Lieutenant.

Correction: The rank insignia of a Lieutenant is the two bars and is equivalent to the insignia of a Capt. in the army. A navy Capt. has an Eagle (like the army's colonel) please check out and


Corrected entry: When Shane first arrived at the house, he saw a troll doll on the pathway to the front door. He kicked it out of the way into the bushes. But later on in the movie, when Zoe's boyfriend tries to sneak into the house, the neighbors come over and complain that they found the doll in the pool filter.

Correction: An animal could have picked the doll up and dropped it into their pool in the intervening time.


Correction: There could have very easily been more than one troll doll. All the kids had to do was throw a different troll into the neighbors' yard at a different time.

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First Junior Grizzly: Hey Skeever, what do you put in a jar and shake till they're dead?
Second Junior Grizzly: Fireflies.

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Question: Shane tells Lulu a story about a family of elves that's a little obscure. Is it just meant to be another demonstration of Shane's obsession with military action, or is the story based on anything?

Answer: He is telling a story of one of his missions and just changes soldier to elf.

shortdanzr Premium member

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