Because of Winn-Dixie

Continuity mistake: Opal's hair style changes significantly halfway through the movie. This in itself is not a big deal, except the character wouldn't do it, they don't have the money to change her style, if they did change her style, there would be reason for it.

Sweetie Pie Thomas: We're having a party, and the theme is that dog.

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Trivia: AnnaSophia Robb ("Opal") has a remarkable and even uncanny resemblance to Dakota Fanning. Agewise, their dates of birth are less than three months apart. Dakota is not in "Because of Winn-Dixie", but her younger sister Elle is. Dakota and Elle have acted in the same movie (e.g, Elle played a younger version of Dakota in "I Am Sam"). Perhaps Dakota had a prior commitment/contract filming "The Door In The Floor" (2004) so could not sign a contract to star in "Because of Winn-Dixie" (2005) with filming starting in 2003.


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Question: Did the actor have a stunt double? In certain scenes (such as the one where she draws the town) her hair is significantly more red than in other scenes.

Answer: I read all the end credits after the movie and didn't see a listing for "Opal's [AnnaSophia Robb's] Stunt Double", but this does not rule out the possibility that one was used - there could be an uncredited one. In general, a stunt double will be used to perform any of the actor's role that is dangerous or could result in injury or death. This is particularly true for child actors (not legally adults) who must be protected or shielded from danger. Movie producers/directors don't want to jeopardize the health/ safety of any person playing a character and also do not want to have to delay or stop production while an actor recuperates; there are physical and emotional as well as economic harms resulting from injuries. It is best to "play it safe" by using a stunt double. Child labor laws restrict the number of hours per day and the time-frame a child actor may work, so a stunt double or stand-in is often used during the restricted hours to help preserve the child actor's limited time.


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