Criminal (2004)

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Richard Gaddis is forced to come clean about blocking off the inheritence to his younger siblings. This provokes a violent confrontation with Michael (his younger brother). When Bryan/Brian Rodrigo wants out of their partnership, he is scared back into line of work by Gene, a violent junkie thief who helps out Richard. With his protege having been put in his place and knowing exactly where he stands, Richard Gaddis heads off into a bank...only to discover he is trying to cash a fake money order...before he knows it...the cops are onto him, he flees but is caught outside as Bryan/Brian Rodrigo, looks on. Both make eye contact and its clear Bryan/Brian has set up Richard and left him too his fate as Richard is dragged off to jail. This is made positive when Rodrigo goes outside to a certain familar bar's back garden, whereupon he is greeted by Valerie (Rich's sis), Frank Hill (the treasurey department inside man), Ochoa, Wiliam Hannigan, Rodrigo's father and Richard's contacts. As the movie ends it turns out that Rodrigo was a plant of sorts to help Valerie get back at her older brother for cheating her and their younger brother out of the family inheritence aided by Wiliam Hannigan & Frank Hill who were sympathetic too their plight. Final shot shows as we obviously knew more or less from when they met, that Rodrigo and Valerie are indeed an item.


Continuity mistake: When John C. Reilly and Diego Luna are walking in the street and the guy snatches the briefcase, the briefcase switches hands. Just before the snatch it is held in the left hand, but the guy steals it from the right hand. (00:53:10)

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