Rebecca's Daughters

Rebecca's Daughters (1992)


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Mordecai Thomas: I take as my text the book of Genesis, chapter twenty-six. "And they blessed Rebecca, and said unto her, thou art our sister. Be thou the mother of thousands of millions, and let thy seed possess the gate of those which hate them." It is not revealed to us whether Abraham, Isaac and Jacob paid tolls to their enemies at the gate, but it is very sure that the gate was to them an oppression and an abomination.

Anthony Raine: Seeing as we are here, perhaps I could come in and say good evening to Rhiannon.
Lord Sarn: No. If you want to say good evening to her, you will do it tomorrow morning.

Sarah Jane: Well, Mr. Anthony, I can tell you that no man has dressed up in my underclothes since the day my late husband died.

Anthony Raine: It seems to me we really do squeeze every last groat out of the farmers who use our roads.
Lord Sarn: We do our best.
Anthony Raine: Is it really necessary to have seven gates between St. Claire's and Pembroke?
Lord Sarn: Lunch.

Lord Sarn: You said you had men posted on the road. Drunk, were they?
Jack Wet: No Sir, they were as sober as you or I.
Lord Sarn: What? I am certainly not sober. And I'll have you know neither is my cat.

Factual error: Throughout the film, the drainpipes on the buildings are almost all plastic - the film is set in the Victorian era.

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