The Creep's real name is Craig and he was accidently abandoned by his carers when he was still a child. By the end of the night only George and Kate are left. George is ready to slay Craig but Kate reasons with him as Craig begs to be spared...only to then impale George's head on a spike. Now angered at being fooled Kate shoves a hooked into Craig's neck and then using the chain which is attached to it tries to drag Craig onto an electrical line, but Craig is far too she swings the chain out in front of a high speed tube train which rips out a chunk of Craigs neck, as she looks on he collapses and bleeds to death.


Continuity mistake: Near the end of the movie, Kate's hair is wet and she has a bloody nose. When she finds the platform again her hair is a lot dryer is and her nose is not bleeding.

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Jimmy: Homeless people don't go missing, homeless people are missing.

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