Creep (2004)

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Corrected entry: After boarding the tube the lights go out in the carriages. She walks through the train until she comes across Guy with the torch. After a bit of suspense he flicks a lever in the carriage and the lights come back on. There aren't light controls on London Underground trains, and in fact the lever he pulls is an emergency alarm.

Correction: Correct, but it's possible that pulling the emergency alarm activates the emergency lighting.

Corrected entry: Katie gets back onto the Charing Cross platform after her night of terror and people are arriving for the first tube. But there had been two murders on the platform hours earlier, surely they would have closed the station and what happened to Guy's body, that was left on platform?

Correction: The murderer dragged Guy's body away.

Corrected entry: When Katie is standing in front of the ticket machine, and her twenty pound note won't be accepted the woman behind her says that the machine doesn't accept notes - When Katie turns around you can see on top of the machine flashing "Notes accepted".

Correction: No it didn't - the machine Katie is standing at says 'exact change only' as well as 'notes accepted'

Corrected entry: There was blood covering the floor by the main entrance to the station, from where Creep dragged Mandy's body into the underground. People were entering the station the next morning as normal, however, the station would have been closed if the entrance was covered in blood.

Correction: The station which we see the people entering in the morning is not the same one in which Mandy was attacked. Kate had walked through the tunnel to another station.

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Kate: I don't know what to say. It's like a penis... just smaller.

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