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Corrected entry: When Robert De Niro first tries opening Emily's window, it is closed and doesn't budge. Yet, you can see the curtains blowing anyway. The window is closed, so the wind should not be blowing into the room.

Correction: The reason Dakota's curtains are still blowing is because the other window, next to her bed, is open and wind is coming from that one (The window where Elizabeth is pushed out by Charlie).

Corrected entry: After Charlie kills the sheriff, the police car lights outside remain flashing, however, as soon as Emily runs outside and Charlie begins to chase her, they stop.

Correction: Charlie more than likely turned them off and hid/disposed of the car so as not to draw more people to the house and interfere.


Corrected entry: Just before Charlie punches Katherine whilst in the cave, he turns his torch off. Yet when Emily shouts out to get his attention, the torch is magically back on when he picks it up.


Correction: It could have easily been turned back on immediately after knocking the gun away, or even FROM knocking the gun away. Even from the impact of being dropped could have turned it on.

Corrected entry: Towards the middle of the movie when the tea kettle is boiling, it whistles. However there is no cover on the spout of the kettle to make it whistle.

Correction: There is no need to have cover because on the back of the kettle there is a small whistle attached.

Corrected entry: Calloway smothers his wife with a pillow in bed then carries her to the bathroom to fake the suicide. However, being deceased her heart would no longer pump and blood would not have pooled like the amount shown by the crimson bathtub water. It would be obvious to the coroner that death was not by asphyxiation, he would rule "homicide" and the movie would effectively be over at that juncture.

Correction: He didn't smother her to death. It was just enough to make her unconscious, so she would bleed out and die while knocked out. This was to ensure she wouldn't wake up and interrupt him as compared to just dragging her to the tub and cutting her wrists.

James King III

Corrected entry: When David meets Elizabeth Young, He says to her "I have a daughter the same age, she's in the truck". When he says "she's in the truck", his mouth doesn't move.

Correction: His lips just barely move but it is possible to say this while just barely moving your lips.

Corrected entry: Amy uses a revolver to shoot Charlie. She pulls the hammer back for the first shot, and then has no trouble shooting another time without recocking the weapon. (01:35:10)


Correction: A revolver does not have to be cocked for the initial or any subsequent shot taken thereafter. It's known as 'double-action', which gives you the option of firing from the cocked or decocked postition.

Corrected entry: In alternate endings "One Final Game" & "Emily's Fate" Emily asks Katherine not to close the door. In one shot the door is solid, in the next it has a window.

Correction: The change in the appearance of the door indicates that Emily thought she was (or wanted to be) at home when she was actually in an institution.

Corrected entry: Having woken up with a start just after Elizabeth was pushed from Emily's bedroom window, David goes into the lounge, turns off the television and walks upstairs into Emily's room. In doing this, the lounge and hallway are cast in almost complete darkness. On going back downstairs to answer the door to the sheriff, suddenly the hallway light is on plus lamps in the lounge - meaning it's really bright all round. (01:03:55)

Correction: There's no reason David could not have turned un the lamp to travel back downstairs (traveling down stairs in the dark is more dangerous than traveling upstairs in the dark).

Corrected entry: In the middle, Emily goes to bed right after taking a shower. Her hair is 100% dry. A girl's hair is never this dry after a shower.

Correction: There is no indication she just came from taking a shower, she may have been brushing her teeth. Also, many people wear shower caps to keep their hair dry (she may not wash her hair daily).

Continuity mistake: When Emily is on the merry-go-round, she has permanent front teeth, but later in the film she still has baby teeth.

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Katherine: It's not unusual for a child to create an imaginary friend.

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Trivia: During the opening credits, there are hidden messages within the names of the people who worked on the production, which are bolded out in red within the person's name. There are five of them, the words 'man', 'cat', 'see', 'red', and 'me'. All these have relevance to the plot.

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Question: When Charlie first goes into the cave, he places Emily's music box on a plank of wood, and pushes it so that it floats along the small stream; why did he do that?

Answer: It is just to scare them. The music makes an eerie noise. and the music box was one of Emily's prized possessions. it would scare her to see it floating in the stream.


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