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Near Dark (1987)

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After being rescued by his family, Caleb is 'cured' of being a vampire when he is transfused with his father's (Thomerson) help. After having dinner, Caleb goes outside where he sees Mae again. When she asks for him to join them again, Caleb refuses because he belongs with his family. After Mae runs away, Caleb goes upstairs to check on his sister Sarah (Leeds), but she is gone. Knowing that the vampires kidnapped her, Caleb goes after them. He then finds Severen, who throws Caleb far into the street because he's disappointed that Caleb left. Caleb then stops a truck heading in his direction and tries to get on, but Severen shots the driver. Caleb then drives the truck into Severen, but Severen climbs on top of the hood and starts pulling plugs & wires out of the truck. Caleb then puts the cruise control on as he jumps from the truck which as it explodes, killing Severen. After this, Diamondback (Goldstein) tries to kill Caleb with her knife by throwing it at him while he is trying to find out from Jesse (Henriksen) where his sister, but she misses and gets Jesse stabbed in the mouth. After grabbing his sister, Caleb tries to make a run for it back home, but Sarah is kidnapped again, so Caleb again goes after them. While the vampires try to get away from Caleb, Mae grabs Sarah and jumps through the back window of the car and starts to run towards Caleb. But Homer (Miller), who wanted to feed on Sarah, jumps out of the car and chases after them, but the sun burns him to death. After seeing Homer die, Jesse and Diamondback know that it is time for them to die as well. As they remember the fun times that they had, they both burn to death by the sun. Caleb then has Mae 'cured' by getting her transfused.

Big Evil

Visible crew/equipment: When Caleb punches the driver guy in the bar, the guy (who has now been replaced by a stuntman) goes flying backwards and lands on the pool table. When this happens, a wire can be seen on the stuntman, pulling him back and guiding his movement.

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Trivia: When Caleb attempts to leave the gang for the first time, just as he gets to the bus station you can see a cinema behind him that is playing Aliens (1986). Near Dark was released a year after Aliens and it shares most of the same cast. The director of Near Dark, Kathryn Bigelow, was also married to Aliens director James Cameron at the time. (00:22:28)

Jack Vaughan

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