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Walking Tall (1973)

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Corrected entry: Buford Pusser was Sheriff from 1964-1970. Most of the vehicles used are 1967-early 1970's models. For example in the beginning when he is running for sheriff (1964) He is driving a 1967 Chevrolet truck.

Correction: The movie was based on Pusser, not a historical biography. It's a fictionalized version of his life, and takes place later than when he was actually sheriff.

Corrected entry: Buford's father is portrayed as a logger. He was actually the Chief of Police.

Correction: This is a fictional account of his life, not a historical biography, as such there are differences attributed to "literary license"

Continuity mistake: In the final scenes where Sheriff Pusser drives a police car to the Lucky Spot, just before he arrives, in the long shot of him driving down the highway, the patrol car has red lights on it's roof. When he arrives and drives the car through the bar, the car has blue lights.

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Thurman: Hey, Buford - How'd ya like a nice plush job as my deputy? No presence required, just brute animal force.
Buford: I ain't that desperate.

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