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Corpse Bride is a film about a man who unwittingly says his vows to a deceased woman and she arises from her grave to seal the deal in this "lively" animated musical movie by Tim Burton. There is also a dark suitor who seeks to gain the hand of a bride and kill her to gain a wealthy dowry, or so he thinks. Not really as captivating as A Nightmare Before Christmas, but it still has heart, an interesting cast, and some tunes that are fun, performed by spiders, skeletons and possibly historical figures from the past. See it before it disappears

Erik M.

I really love this movie and wanted to see what happend lol.

Continuity mistake: When Victor enters the room it appears that the piano keys are going the wrong way - Emily is playing the high notes with her left hand. I thought this was done on purpose, but when Victor sits down and begins to play, the keys are back to normal.

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Barkis Bittern: Can a heart still break once it's stopped beating?

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Trivia: In Elder Gutknecht's book there is a picture of a skeleton version of Leonardo Da Vinci's "Vitruvian Man" (a man with arms and legs outstretched over a man with arms and legs against his body).


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Question: What are the titles of the piano pieces played in the movie.

Answer: A search on Google for sheet music just shows the titles of the tunes to be how they are listed on the soundtrack: Victor's Piano Solo, or Corpse Bride (Main Theme), or The Piano Duet. A web site ( suggests that "Victor's Piano Solo" appears to ape the famous moody first movement of Beethoven's 'Moonlight' piano sonata.


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