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Continuity mistake: In the fight between Barkis and Victor in the church, Victor slashes at Barkis with the fork and leaves 3 very noticable tears in Barkis' jacket. These tears aren't seen in any of the subsequent shots. (01:09:15)


Continuity mistake: When Victor enters the room it appears that the piano keys are going the wrong way - Emily is playing the high notes with her left hand. I thought this was done on purpose, but when Victor sits down and begins to play, the keys are back to normal.

Corpse Bride mistake picture

Audio problem: In the scene where Victor plays the piano for the first time in the movie, we hear him playing long, sustained notes, which obviously need to be played with a pedal down. However, he doesn't use the sustain pedal. What's more strange is, the piano does not even have a sustain pedal.

Continuity mistake: During the opening credits when the two butchers are cutting off fish heads a cat is moving its tail back and forth. If you watch closely the tail will stop moving on the left then change to the right side before moving again.

Audio problem: In the scene where Victor plays his solo for the first time he gets scared from the appearance of Victoria. As he and her are talking Victoria's mother shouts at them for being together. We don't hear Victoria's mother's footsteps like as she was leading Victor's parents for tea. And we would have heard the door creak as Victoria's mother came out from "teatime".

Other mistake: During the opening credits (right after the fish chopping shot) two bearded gentlemen meet in the street. As they part, Lord Barkis suddenly appears behind them. But where did he come from? He didn't walk in from either side, we would have seen him. Nor was there any door he might have come through.

Deliberate mistake: During the dance number in the Dead Bar, the blue pirate has a sword stuck through him with the handle in the front, later it changes to the back, then to the front again. Seen when the groom falls back and grabs the handle, then picks the pirate up and drops him. (00:19:15 - 00:20:05)

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Corpse Bride mistake picture

Deliberate mistake: During the fight scene, the Lord takes an overhead slice at Victor with his sword. Victor catches the blade in the tines of the fork. However, if you look closely, the sword is moves from between the the first and second tine to between the second and third tine. (01:09:10)

Other mistake: In the scene where Victors mom and dad start singing "its a wonderful day for a wedding Victors dad puts a dead fox around his wife's neck. Just after that scene the fox has got its leg in it's mouth while in the other scene it hadn't.

Revealing mistake: During the song "Remains of the Day", at one point, towards the end of the song, you can see metal wires in Bone-Jangle's wrists, revealing how the stop-motion character was kept together.

Continuity mistake: The scene where Victor tells Emily to stay in the woods because he has to see his parents, Emily gets the maggot out of her ear. When the maggot is in the snow you see Emily's head right by the screen and no footprints are spotted. But when the maggot tells her something about Victor, footprints appear only a few inches from the maggot.

Corpse Bride mistake picture

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Lord Barkis and Victoria are having their wedding feast, all of the guests have been served chicken. But, when the corpses crash the feast, and Bonejangles is standing behind Finis and Maudeline, their chicken has been replaced by soup bowls. ("There's an eye in me soup.") (01:00:15)

Continuity mistake: In the opening scene where Mayhew steers the carriage past the Everglot mansion, we see it is connected to a short adjoining wall on its front right side. However, in the scene where Victor is attempting to climb in Victoria's room the wall is now suddenly gone and the mansion side features a balcony. (00:02:12 - 00:36:18)

Barkis Bittern: Can a heart still break once it's stopped beating?

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Trivia: A popular film poster shows Emily and Victor reaching their hands toward one another. Emily's bony hand is on her right and Victor's suit and vest are backwards (note its buttons). Some say it was for legal reasons - Johnny Depp's name was supposed to appear on the poster first because of a contract, and they wanted the characters underneath the corresponding star names, hence the issue. Others say it was simply because the picture looked better with the bride on the right side.

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Question: What are the titles of the piano pieces played in the movie.

Answer: A search on Google for sheet music just shows the titles of the tunes to be how they are listed on the soundtrack: Victor's Piano Solo, or Corpse Bride (Main Theme), or The Piano Duet. A web site ( suggests that "Victor's Piano Solo" appears to ape the famous moody first movement of Beethoven's 'Moonlight' piano sonata.


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