Carnal Knowledge

Carnal Knowledge (1971)


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Jonathan: At one time, it was great what we had... the kidding around. It can't have a natural time span. Affairs can't dissolve in a good way. There's always got to be poison. I don't see why, I really don't see why.

Sandy: Looks aren't everything, you know.
Jonathan: Believe me, looks are everything.

Bobbie: Marry me, Jonathan! Please, please.
Jonathan: You're trying to kill me.

Jonathan: Why don't you leave me?.. For God's sake, I'd almost marry you if you'd leave me.

Bobbie: I need a life.
Jonathan: Get a job.
Bobbie: I don't want a job. I want you.
Jonathan: I'm taken, by me. Get out of the house, do something useful, Goddammit.

Jonathan: Is this an ultimatum? Answer me, you ball-busting, castrating, son of a cunt bitch! Is this an ultimatum or not?

Jonathan: Talk about the pot and the kettle. When I caught wind of your checkered past, I felt like a celibate.
Bobbie: You made me tell you.
Jonathan: Sure. I twisted your arm.
Bobbie: It got you hot.
Jonathan: Something has to.

Jonathan: Alright, where the fuck is my shoehorn? This place is a mess! There's not any food in the house, half the time you look like you fell out of bed! You spend more time in bed than any other human being past the age of 6 months than I ever heard of.

Cindy: I hope you dance better than you play tennis.

Jonathan: What are you crying for? It wasn't a Lassie story.

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Trivia: The scene in which Sandy takes out a condom while in bed with Susan is the first time a condom was ever shown onscreen.

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