A Chorus Line

Continuity mistake: In the flashback scene (where Cassie has the crazy long hair) we see "young" Cassie perform a routine in the studio. Zach comes out of the shower towelling his hair and watches her. We see his hair is messed up having just been roughly dried with a towel. The next shot is Cassie dancing, then the next shot is back to Zach, and this time his hair is combed nicely down.

Deliberate mistake: During the finale of "One," near the end of the number when the entire cast and all of the extras, dressed in gold lame tuxedos, are doing the last kick line before the credits, one of the dancers (second row, third from the right) falls down and gets right back up again. While this mistake wasn't "deliberate" as such, it was probably simply prohibitive to film the entire kick line over again for the sake of the one fall that is barely noticeable, so was deliberately left in.


Revealing mistake: Audrey Landers (Val) is nowhere seen in any of the audition formations, but suddenly appears in the final lineup.

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Revealing mistake: Throughout the auditions process Val is nowhere to be found, but suddenly appears in the finals and makes the cut. And yellow shorts gal reappears after Zach had eliminated her during the ballet audition.

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Revealing mistake: During the first round of auditions. The gal in the yellow shorts does fine. But then suddenly during the final ballet elimination, she can't keep up with the other girls and makes mistakes before Zach kicks her off.

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Mike Cass: How many jobs are there?
Larry: 4 and 4.
Judy Monroe: 44?
Sheila: No, 4 and 4.
Larry: 4 boys, 4 girls.
Sheila: Need any women?

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Trivia: In the original Broadway production, Cassie didn't get the job. After a few performances, they changed it and since then have gotten standing ovations.

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Question: Why did Zach keep calling Cassie down from the stage every time she was dancing with the others? Every time he does it, he criticizes her dancing to her face but she's a very good dancer.

Answer: The problem is she's "too good" of a dancer. The audition is for a chorus line where the dancers have to perform uniformly and as one unified group. She keeps doing the extra moves and gestures, making herself standout from the others, which is exactly what Zach does not want. He even tells her that she's too good of a dancer to be in a chorus line. She's talented as a lead or solo, but she needs this job. She has to continually restrain herself to blend in.

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