Elektra (2005)

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Factual error: When Elektra closes her cell phone on McCabe, a dial tone can be heard. Cell phones don't have dial tones. Even if they did, Elektra hung up, so nothing would be heard.

Continuity mistake: When DeMarco lifts his glass to look at Elektra you can see there's no meniscus where the liquid hits the glass. When it cuts to a close-up of the glass there now is. (00:05:55)


Continuity mistake: In the last fight seen next to the well, the well is close behind Elektra, but when she gets hit backwards the camera cuts to a side view and the well and Electra are a lot farther apart.

Jason Mortel

Revealing mistake: When the young girl "dies", you can still see her blink and breathe.

Plot hole: Elektra was said to have trained her whole life yet here she seems to need more, as if she's new to martial arts.


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Suggested correction: Just because she's been training her whole life doesn't mean that there's not more to learn. Even experts continue to train in order to learn new things.


Elektra: You talk in riddles, old man.
Stick: It keeps my students alert.

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Trivia: While filming a sai/sword fight, Will Yun Lee accidentally sliced Jennifer Garner's knuckles with his sword. After Garner got her knuckles patched up, and they resumed, Lee subsequently sliced her again in the exact same spot.

Cubs Fan

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Answer: She was a gifted prodigy of martial arts.


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