The Taking of Pelham One Two Three
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Lt. Rico Patrone: What's up, Z?
Lt. Garber: You won't believe it.
Lt. Rico Patrone: You know me, I'll believe anything.
Lt. Garber: A train has been hijacked.
Lt. Rico Patrone: I don't believe it.

Lt. Rico Patrone: Even great men have to pee.

Caz Dolowicz: Oh, come on. If I've got to watch my language just because they let a few broads in, I'm going to quit. How the hell can you run a goddamn railroad without swearing?

Mr. Green: What's your name, motorman?
Denny Doyle: Uh, Denny Doyle.
Mr. Green: Ever get written up?
Denny Doyle: Uh, yes, sir. Once.
Mr. Green: What for?
Denny Doyle: Running a red signal. How about you?
Mr. Green: Twice. Once on the Canarsie.
Mr. Blue: That's right, Mr. Green. Tell Mr. Doyle all about yourself, will you?

Mr. Blue: The Africans used to pay me five thousand.
Mr. Green: Five thousand a month? Geez.
Mr. Blue: For leading a battalion.
Mr. Green: What the hell'd you get out of that for?
Mr. Blue: Because the market dried up.

Lt. Garber: Did you get that list of motormen who were discharged for cause I asked you to get?
Lt. Rico Patrone: Yeah - 78 names.
Lt. Garber: Seventy-eight?
Lt. Rico Patrone: Yeah, but it's not that bad. Eight are dead, 22 were rehired, eleven are in jail, 26 moved away, one's in a mental institution, and another's a member of the New York Police Department.
Lt. Garber: That's our man right there.
Lt. Rico Patrone: Sorry to disappoint you, Zachary, but he was accounted for.

Lt. Garber: These are the assignment desks, one for each of the lines. This is the BMT, the IRT. Here's the IND. There's our artist in residence. And right through here's our operations lieutenant, Enrico Patrone, who on weekends works for the mafia.

Lt. Garber: Frank, how much longer before the track's clear all the way to South Ferry?
Correll: You mean before this railroad is so totally fucked up it'll take a computer to put it back together?
Lt. Garber: Yes, Frank, that's what I meant.
Correll: About five or six minutes. I got a snag over at Brooklyn Bridge.

Patrolman Miskowsky: This is a million dollars?
Patrolman O'Keefe: It's what it buys, Albert, not what it weighs.

Lt. Rico Patrone: This is Lieutenant Patrone, operations... Where are you now?
Patrolman James: 28th Street southbound... Hey look, Lieutenant, everything cooled out, I mean nothing happening... Now what's going on?
Lt. Rico Patrone: Look, don't react to this, but a train's been hijacked.
Patrolman James: Holy shit.
Lt. Rico Patrone: For God's sake, don't say anything.

Mr. Blue: Will you go back and mind the passengers, please? I do not want Mr. Brown and Mr. Grey left alone with them.
Mr. Green: Don't you trust them?
Mr. Blue: I trust Mr. Brown, I do not trust Mr. Grey. I think he's an enormous, arrogant pain in the ass who could turn out to be trouble. I also think that he is mad. Why do you think they threw him out of the Mafia?
Mr. Green: Oh, terrific.

Mr. Blue: I once had a man shot for talking to me like that.
Mr. Gray: Yeah, well, that's the difference between you and me. I've always done my own killing.

Mayor: Warren, suppose the hijackers start shooting at me?
Deputy Mayor Warren LaSalle: Will you stop? They have no reason to shoot at you.
Mayor: Why? Do you think they're from out of town?
Deputy Mayor Warren LaSalle: Get dressed, Al. I'll do the jokes.

Denny Doyle: I wouldn't go down there if I were you.
Caz Dolowicz: I know you wouldn't.

Correll: Christ, to hear you plead with that chickenshit makes me ashamed to be an American.
Lt. Garber: Go away, will you, Frank? Go play with your trains.

Mr. Blue: Keep those children quiet.
The Mother: I'm trying, I can't.
Mr. Blue: Do you want me to try?
The Mother: Oh my god, no.

Lt. Garber: Rico, you want to make yourself useful? Get personnel and tell them to get together a list of all motormen discharged for cause during the past five to ten years.
Lt. Rico Patrone: What are you looking for?
Lt. Garber: Somebody down there knows how to drive a train. You don't pick that up watching Sesame Street. Tell them we want it today.

Continuity mistake: Right after the train is hijacked by Robert Shaw at 28th Street station, there are 2 additional hostages in the front car (for a total of 19) that disappear after the train is hijacked between 23rd Street and 28th Street.

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Trivia: New York Transit Authority has code words for trains going through subways, based on the departure station and time of departure. Pelham One Two Three means the train left Pelham Bay Park Station at 1:23 pm. Ever since the 1974 film was released, New York Transit authority has made a conscious decision to try very hard not to let subway trains leave Pelham Bay Park Station at 1:23 in the morning or afternoon.

Rob Halliday

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