The Eiger Sanction

The Eiger Sanction (1975)

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Continuity mistake: At the Zurich sanction when Jonathan kicks the killer out of the window, just before he kicks him, look at the window. This window has two panes of glass that open outward, with the latch in the middle, but a view from the outside shows that it's a single window with one pane of glass in it, not big enough for two panes. (00:21:20)


Continuity mistake: At the Zurich Sanction, Clint Eastwood is defending himself from being stabbed by a killer, he is holding a chair in front of him, but the chair switches sides from being held at the front, to being held at the side. (00:21:10)


Continuity mistake: At the Zurich sanction when Jonathan kicks the killer out of the window, in one shot when he crashes to the floor there is a tile right in front of his face leaning against something, but in the close up the tile vanishes (it didn't fall). (00:21:30)


Continuity mistake: At the beginning, during the Zurich sanction, Jonathan puts the red bag down on top of some books. When the killer is trying to stab Jonathan, in the shot of the book shelf the positions of the books and red bag has changed dramatically. (00:20:35 - 00:21:10)


Continuity mistake: Just after Jonathan has finished talking with Miles on the sunbed, Jonathan walks over to the big guy at the bar. In one shot the guy in the red top is sitting away from the bar, but in the following shot he is facing the bar. (00:55:30)


Continuity mistake: At the beginning, the guy who is Jonathan's friend is in his hotel room, and when he hears a noise it cuts to the bad guy in his place. There is a brown bag hanging on the wall, but in all following shots the bag isn't there. It can't be on the floor because at the start of the fight they go to that wall where the bag was, so they should have knocked it off. (00:05:15)


Continuity mistake: At the beginning, when Jonathan walks into his office in the school he finds Pope sitting at his desk. In the first few shots, there is a chair directly behind Pope, but in following shots the chair is behind to the right of him (this has nothing to do with camera angles). (00:08:40)


Continuity mistake: Close to the beginning when Clint Eastwood is at his Sanction in Zurich, he slides a door quite some way, pointing a gun at the killer of his friend, but in the following shots, the door is only slightly open. (00:20:50)


Continuity mistake: During the training of Clint by George Kennedy in the first half of the movie, they move back and forth between Zion National Park (Utah) and Monument Valley (Arizona) as if in close proximity. They are 250+ miles apart.

Continuity mistake: In the scene at the end, after the bad guy has fallen off the mountain, Clint Eastwood is hanging in front of the tunnel window. He slowly removes and drops his gloves, so that he can take out his pocketknife and cut the rope. He then cuts the rope, but when he is hauled in by his rescuers he is wearing his gloves.

Other mistake: When Clint Eastwood and George Kennedy are climbing the chimney rock during training, the climbing rope attached to Clint is well above him. He is the lead climber and the rock had not been climbed before, so the rope should be below him.

Art Student: I've never felt this close to art before.
Dr. Jonathan Hemlock: How nice.
Art Student: But I have a problem.
Dr. Jonathan Hemlock: How terrible.
Art Student: If I don't keep my "B" average, I'll lose my scholarship and I don't think I'll do well on your final exam. I've gained a while new feeling about art but sometimes you can't put your true feelings down on paper.
Dr. Jonathan Hemlock: How true.

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