Question: At the beginning of the film we see Andy make the agents who killed his wife go blind with his mind. Why then didn't he do the same to John Rainbird at the end when they were in the barn?

Answer: Everything happened too fast for him to react, his powers were barely working, controlling only Captain Hollister. If he was at full power he could have controlled everyone.

Question: At the end of the movie why does Charlie go to live with the older couple on the farm?

Answer: Charlie had nowhere else to go and trusted no-one. The Manders had previously taken in Charlie and her father, were kind, and, knowing the truth, did not exploit them and tried to protect them. Charlie needs a home and knows they will care for her.

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Revealing mistake: When one car explodes, you can blatantly see the two men standing beside the car are in fact nothing but lifeless dummies. (00:39:45)

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Irv Manders: You men are tresspassin. Show me a warrant or get off my land.
Agent: We don't need a warrant.
Irv Manders: You do unless I woke up in Russia this morning.

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