Sin City

Trivia: Because everything was shot against a green screen, some bits of colour proved difficult. Yellow Bastard especially was hard, as yellow bleeds into the green screen and can't be separated cleanly. To get around this, Robert Rodriguez painted him blue, then turned him yellow in post production.

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Trivia: Miho's swords are the same ones carried by the Crazy 88's in Kill Bill vol.1. The prop designers asked Tarantino if they could borrow them and he let them.

Trivia: When Hartigan picks up the book of matches for the bar that Nancy works in, it is the cover to the Sin City Trade "Booze, Broads & Bullets."

Trivia: When Hartigan re-steals the Ferrari from the hotel he and Nancy were at, there are three guns. One is an absolutely huge hand cannon with heat absorbers and the works. That gun is actually Robocop's gun - co-director Frank Miller wrote Robocop 2 and 3.

Trivia: There is a bit of Frank Miller trivia hidden on screen during the segment when Jackie Boy and his soldiers enter the apartment of Brittany Murphy. On the t-shirt of the soldier (the one Shellie threatens with the knife), there is a symbol of a peace sign in a circle with a star on the left and stripes on the right. That is the symbol for the P.A.X. forces from Frank Miller's comic about Martha Washington, such as in "Give Me Liberty".


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Continuity mistake: When Lucille throws the pills to Marv, he catches it with his left hand (while holding a cigarette in his right hand). The shot changes immediately to a close up on the pills in Marv's right hand. Then in the next shot Marv takes the pills, but has to take the cigarette out of his mouth first.

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Cardinal Roark: Kevin?
Marv: What's left of him, anyway. The dog ate the rest.

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Answer: It's the same as the one in Resevoir Dogs, but I dont know about the one in Pulp Fiction.

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