Sin City

MARV'S ENDING Marv tortures and murders Kevin and Cardinal Roark with help from Goldies twin sister Wendy. Sadly, he is then blamed for all the deaths including Goldies. He signs a confession once he has been bribed with his mothers death and after spending the night in his cell with Wendy, is juiced in the electric chair. In his minds eye he see's an image of himself in bed with Goldie before he dies.DWIGHT'S ENDING Dwight is shot by mercenaries but survives after the bullet hits Jackie Boy's badge. He has a fight with the mercenaries and ends up falling into the tarpits, nearly sinking but he is then saved by Miho. The mercenaries get Jackie Boy's head and the cops take Gail hostage. Dwight and Miho take the men on and get Jackie Boy's head back. They bargain for Gails life with the head and plant an explosive in the head so once Gail is clear they blow it up and shoot the hell out of the survivors. Dwight is sad that he will never be with Gail.HARTIGANS ENDING Hartigan leads Yellow bastard straight to Nancy. They are both kidnapped and Yellow bastard (really Roark Jr after surgery) kidnaps Nancy and hangs Hartigan. Hartigan manages to get free and rescues Nancy from Roark Jr on the same farm Marv killed Kevin on. He tears Roark Jrs penis off then beats him to death. He tells Nancy to leave and when she has he shoots himself knowing he can never take Roark Sr down and that Nancy would be used as vengeance upon him if he stayed alive.


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Continuity mistake: When Nancy is dancing, she is alternately wearing/not wearing gloves between shots.

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Cardinal Roark: Kevin?
Marv: What's left of him, anyway. The dog ate the rest.

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Trivia: Miho's swords are the same ones carried by the Crazy 88's in Kill Bill vol.1. The prop designers asked Tarantino if they could borrow them and he let them.

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Answer: Not much is given on Miho's story in the graphic novel. Some is given in the story "A Dame to Kill For" where Dwight explains he saved her life once. Frank Miller in the extended cut DVD commentary stated she was a demon, but that is never mentioned in the story.


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