Carry on Nurse

Trivia: In the scene where Joan Sims is about to give a patient a bath she looks at his feet and comments about them. The big feet were actually Bernard Breslaw's.

James Warrender

Trivia: After his performance as Charlie Sage in "Carry On Sergeant", Bob Monkhouse was asked by the producers to play a major role in this film. However, he turned down the film as he considered the salary being offered too low.


Trivia: Joan Sims made her "Carry On" debut in this movie.

Trivia: Bernie Bishop's son seen towards the end of the movie is Kenneth Connor's real-life son, Jeremy.

Continuity mistake: When we first see the Colonel reading a newspaper the headline on the page he is reading starts with the word "Birmingham", but when the camera angle changes it reads "Fontwell Park".

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The Colonel: Come come, Matron. Surely you've seen a temperature taken like this before?
Matron: Yes Colonel. But never with a daffodil.

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