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Corrected entry: When everyone is having fondue in the patio room, Isabelle comes out and kisses Gaylord on the cheek. The lipstick mark she left on his right cheek changes positions and even disappears from shot to shot. (00:40:15 - 00:41:35)

Ben's Mom

Correction: No it doesn't, it stays on his right cheek for the rest of the scene.

Corrected entry: The outside of the Byrnes home in this sequel is different from the home in "Meet The Parents". In the first movie, there are dormer windows on the second floor. In the sequel, the front of the house looks completely different with no dormer windows.

Correction: As explained in the movie, 2 years have passed, giving them plenty of time to have renovated the home. (As further evidenced by the inside which has completly been re-done, for the baby.).

Corrected entry: After the party, when Bernard is lying under the motor home, Jack honks the horn and it does not fully play its music. That cannot be possible.

Correction: Yes it can. An interruption in the electrical supply to the horn will cause it to stop, and there are a number of ways that could happen, one as simple as the horn being wired to the ignition, and turning the key off.

Corrected entry: There are many times when one of the characters are talking to LJ and you can see that LJ is not looking directly at the character but off to the side.


Correction: Kids don't always look at adults when they talk to them, especially young kids like LJ. No mistake here.

Corrected entry: Pam, when starting the trip in the motor home, has on a green pullover sweater as she sits in the back with Dina and Little Jack. It then changes to a green jacket. (00:13:05 - 00:13:55)

Luna Negra

Correction: In the first shot, when Jack begins his announcement as they drive off from Oyster Bay in Long Island, Pam is wearing the short sleeve green sweater over her blouse, and Little Jack is wearing blue pants. After Jack finishes his announcement and ribs Greg, there is an aerial shot of the motor coach traveling on the Verrazano Bridge (towards New Jersey), with Manhattan in the background, which means they've driven about 40 miles off screen between shots, at this point. It isn't until a few shots after they pass the exit sign with the "Giant Ball of String" that we finally see Pam wearing the green long sleeve jacket over the blouse, and LJ wearing blue shorts. More than enough time has passed in the interim for Pam's and LJ's attire to change.

Super Grover Premium member

Corrected entry: In one of the final scenes where Jack is about to drive off from the Focker's house (with Little Jack in the "trailer"), he finds out that Pam is pregnant and he starts screaming at Gaylord. Jack does not call him Gaylord, but in fact, calls him Ben. (Actor's name = Ben Stiller).

Correction: I just watched this scene twice and Jack never calls Ben Stiller by his real name, Ben. He calls him Greg throughout the whole scene. In fact, no one uses Gaylord. They all call him Greg. On a side note, Jack never raised his voice once throughout the scene, so I wouldn't say he was screaming at them.


Corrected entry: After the football game, when Greg goes to check on Jack, who is resting in Roz's office, the original statue by the door that Greg shoved behind the dresser is now back, along with a new 2nd statue on the left and the shell is now in the middle of the desk. (00:55:01)

Luna Negra

Correction: After Roz tells Greg that her office is ready for Dina and Jack, yes, Greg places the couple statue upside-down behind the table, with its base flush with the tabletop; shortly after, Jack informs them that he and Dina will be staying in their motorhome - not Roz's office. It is not until hours later, in the evening, after the toilet incident, that Dina, Jack and LJ finally enter Roz's office, when we see the couple statue and another statue on the tabletop, with the sea shell. Since Dina and Jack were not planning on sleeping in Roz's office, this simple rearrangement can easily be made, during the many hours off screen, by Roz herself.

Super Grover Premium member

Corrected entry: When the family is eating at the dinner table, Jack goes on about the reason he uses things like baby monitors and then there is silence. Just before Gregg says, "he's right" look at Bernard Focker's face, he is obviously about to burst out laughing.

Correction: It's a simple reaction. Bernard doesn't like baby monitors. Jack does. Bernard made that look because he was in thought, processing what Jack just told him.


Corrected entry: When Greg is speaking at the party at the end, the champagne glass is in different hands in different shots and then is not there at all before it reappears. It wasn't in his hand when he got up to speak and the level of the liquid changes as well. (01:27:25)


Correction: Although Greg is waving the glass around, it always stays in his left hand. The only time it shows Greg with no glass is when he walks up to the stage, his hands are empty. Bernie, who is already on the stage, holds up a champagne glass. As Bernie walks back to the table, his hands are empty. Thus, he could have given his champagne to Greg. They show Bernie & Greg hugging on the stage without any glasses in their hand, but Bernie could have sat his glass down while he hugged Greg and then given it to him. It is not a continous shot and after the hug, they show Bernie walking back to the table, empty handed, to sit down. The one shot where it shows Greg on stage with no glass is only from the waist up so Greg could have been holding the glass down low out of frame.

Luna Negra

Corrected entry: After Little Jack head-butts Greg, Greg wipes his bleeding nose a few times, but his hand is shown to be spotless. (00:09:50)


Correction: At first Greg puts his right hand to his face but doesn't actually touch it. Thus it makes sense there is no blood on his hand. Then, in the following shot he wipes his nose with the right hand and there is blood showing on the hand.

Luna Negra

Corrected entry: When Jack is about to get out of the shower and he sees Moses and Bernie also in the bathroom and Bernie is sitting on the toilet. If you look at Jack, you can see the dark bathing suit he is wearing. (00:49:40)

Correction: Jack is shown from the chest up (except in one long shot), and his body is covered by the shower curtain the whole time. I could never see any bathing suit, even while watching in slow motion. In the final shot of Jack, there is a shadow on his arm and midriff that might have been mistaken for a dark fabric, but it is really only a shadow.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Greg gets shot by the taser, there is a shot of the officer and Greg is on the floor, but the cord that is supposedly connected to Greg is very easily seen running off screen in the opposite direction to Greg. Then in the next shot it is running towards Greg. (01:40:10)

Correction: Actually, if you look carefully, you can see the cord running from the taser to the left and then on the ground going back to the right and all over Greg's leg. It is looped because after shooting Greg, the officer walks up to him, dragging the taser cord with him.

Luna Negra

Corrected entry: In the final scene when Jack sees what the spy camera recorded (the one in the alligator mouth), we see Roz and Bernie talking and facing directly to it. If they were talking to the baby, why do they face the supposedly-hidden camera, which is above the baby?


Correction: Two possible explanations. Either the camera is at such an angle they seem to be facing it when really facing the baby, or (Less likely) they are aware there is a camera and are talking to it while doing things with the baby to get Jack angry.

Corrected entry: When Greg's dad lies down in front of the bus, to stop Mr. Byrnes from leaving, he calls his son Ben, instead of Greg or Gaylord.

Correction: He really says, You weren't around through the 60's man.

Corrected entry: The hair Jack pulls from Gaylord's co-captain hat is much too long to have come from Gaylord's head.

Correction: Nobody has perfectly trimmed hair. Everyone has a few longer hairs here and there. So how do you know that it wasn't one of these longer hairs to get caught in the hat. Anyway, it didn't seem to much longer to me.

Corrected entry: When Jack Byrnes places the tiny spy camera in the mouth of the toy alligator, he sets it back far enough that the teeth partially block the view through the lens. He is immediately seen from the spy camera's perspective wiping the lens clean. It would have been necessary to open the alligator's mouth for access but the teeth stay in view without moving.

Correction: He uses a tiny "squeegy" or whatever you want to call it to clean the lens, which is probably made to fit into tight spots like that. It wouldn't be good for the CIA to have to make their cameras and camera-checks so obvious.

Corrected entry: When Mr. Jinx uses the toilet and flushes it, Dina says that Jack installed a special device for the cat which is a button. Then when Jinx releases L.J. from his pen, he flicks that little device, which resembles a common toilet flush. If Jinx could have done that, why couldn't he just use a normal flush?

Correction: When Jinx flicks the lock of the pen, it spins around very easily. Whereas a toilet flush would require a lot more pressure to depress. Also, the shape of the toilet flush would be a lot harder than the button Jinx uses, even though they probably would require the same amount of pressure.

Corrected entry: Jack (De Niro) is super-suspicious and likely to be aware of all the facts about everything that affects his family, yet he did not know that Greg's mother was a sex therapist. Surely once he knew his daughter was to marry into the Focker family, he would have looked into the family's background.

Mad Ade

Correction: Reasonable point but remember from the first film that he was not even aware of his future son-in-law's real name so he has made mistakes in the past making this one believable. It's also likely that he only checked their background for criminal or political activities which would not necessarily flag up her occupation.


Corrected entry: During the scene where the Focker's are driving to the Byrne's family, another vehicle full of women are driving past. On the side of their vehicle, it says "hoot if your horny". This is a grammatical error. The 'your' should actually be spelled 'you're' as in 'you are'.

Correction: This would be considered a character mistake. This is probably the most common English grammatical error, and wouldn't be out of character for a busload of such women to use the improper spelling. It is not a movie-making mistake.


Corrected entry: When Jack is threatening Gay with the truth serum syringe, the content in it varies between shots: when the camera looks at Gay, the syringe is empty; when it looks to Jack, the syringe is full.

Correction: The syringe is full of a clear liquid and Jack has just removed all the air bubbles by squirting a little in the air. This makes it very difficult to know if it's full or not. I saw nothing unusual in this scene.


Continuity mistake: When Jack and Greg are in the motor home near the beginning of the movie, Jack is talking on the intercom mic to his family in the back, then puts it down when he is finished. But, in the following shot that shows Greg talking, you can see Jack's reflection on the window, showing him still talking into the mic. (00:13:30)

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Pam Byrnes: In a few weeks, I'm not going to be Pam Byrnes. I'm going to be Pamela Focker.
Greg Focker: Or Byrnes-Focker, we haven't totally decided yet.
Pam Byrnes: No, no, no, I'm going to be Pamela Martha Focker. I know how that sounds but that's the name I'm taking.

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Trivia: In the scene where the three men are in jail towards the end of the movie, the jailer that comes to let them out (but is stopped by Ben Stiller) actually plays a cop in the Comedy Central show "Reno 9-1-1". In fact, he may even be wearing the exact uniform he wears in the series. Also, the sheriff deputy who comes off the motorhome yelling "Look, he has rubber boobie!" is also a cop on Reno 9-1-1.

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Question: The scene where Greg calls his parents to tell them they are arriving earlier than expected before entering the RV looks like he is "green screen." Does anyone else see it?

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