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The Aviator is a gripping look into the tumultuous life of Millionaire Industrialist Howard Hughes, a man who was driven to push cinema, aviation design, piloting and just about anything he involved himself in, despite battling his own inner demons and various mental health conditions and overcoming grave injuries during a test flight. Leonardo DiCaprio channels the maverick madman as he wooed Hollywood leading ladies, thumbed his nose at his competition and government in collusion with them, and tried to live life on his terms as much as he could under the throes of his conditions. Cate Blanchette, Kate Beckingsale, Iam Holm, Alan Alda, Alec Baldwin and others all ably help to support what is among DiCaprio's best performances! If you ever wanted to learn more about Hughes and his contributions and torments, this is a must see.

Erik M.

Continuity mistake: In the dining scene where Howard Hughes' girlfriend has a sundae sitting in front of her, the cherry which is on top of the sundae changes positions in several different shots. First, the stem is turned towards the left, a few shots later, it is turned towards the right, then left again. It also shows up in the bottom of the dish, then in the next shot, it is back on top of the sundae.

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Ava Gardner: You don't own me, Howard. I'm not one of your teenage whores and I'm not some damn airplane.

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Question: The colors in this film are otherworldly, (almost like the colors in a black and white movie that has been artificially colorized) and could not have been natural or achieved with any net or filter. I'm fairly certain that there is no method of stylized pre-exposure, and digital colorization, while possible, would have been painstaking on such a grand scale. How did they accomplish it?

Answer: The first sections of the film are shot in two-strip and three-strip technicolor, a common practice in the early versions of color filmmaking that were happening at the time. The scene on the golf course between Howard and Kate Hepburn is a prime example. As far as the later sections of the film, never underestimate the power of digital effects. :)

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