Below (2002)

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The submarine shot at the British hospital ship, not a German vessel. Winters wanted to help the survivors, but the other three officers had a scuffle with him and killed him. The boat heads back to the original location. Brice shoots himself in the head. Odell, Claire, Wally and Stumbo (and perhaps a few others) survive and are rescued by a British vessel. The majority of the crew died when a spark ignited the hydrogen that had accumulated in the sub.

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Deliberate mistake: The dive suits that the crew wears to go out and make repairs are ficticious, patterned after a similar design used by the British during World War 2. Correct US suits were far bulkier and extremely heavy at over 250 pounds each. (00:44:00)


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Trivia: When Claire is in the Captain's quarters and turns to see the dead Winters' lying in his bunk, two shots that follow show Olivia first turning away from Winters, then emerging from his room into the passageway. Both of these shots were filmed in reverse, then played backwards to make them look more eerie - note the odd movement of her hair, especially in the latter shot. (01:22:40)


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