Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events

Corrected entry: When the orphans discuss with Uncle Monty the fact that the new "assistant" is an impostor, and really Count Olaf. Uncle Monty agrees, reeling off a lot of facts about snakes that the "assistant" got wrong. Uncle Monty concludes that the "assistant" is in fact a spy from the Herpotological society. A real spy from a society dealing with the study of snakes ought to know more about Snakes, not less? It makes no sense for Uncle Monty to come to this conclusion.

Correction: If the society hired a spy, chances are he is a professional and is not a member of the society, and thus doesn't know a thing about snakes.


Corrected entry: When Violet goes to sign the marriage certificate with her left hand and Count Olaf orders her to use her right, the name "Violet Baudelaire" has already been written out on the paper.

Correction: Unless you're thinking about "Violet Baudelaire" in caligraphy, above the signatures (which would've been put there when the certificate was issued), there's no pre-written name on the certificate.


Correction: Without citation to show that the naming was intentional and that Connolly's casting was inspired by this, then this lies solely in the realm of coincidence. As such, this is not valid trivia.

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Corrected entry: Count Olaf tries to kill the three children with a train, however, he needs at least one Baudelaire alive to get their fortune. Only blood relatives and spouses could get the fortune in the event that the Baudelaire's die.

Correction: That's how Count Olaf got custody of the children in the first place: he's a blood relative. Their "closest living" relative (geographically).

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Continuity mistake: In the scene where Count Olaf starts walking from the balcony to the stairs, you can see his right hand when he is saying "lovely home" with no writing. Later when he looks at his hand to remember Violet's name, his hand has writing on it. (00:09:20)

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Klaus Baudelaire: Did Ike die in a fire?
Aunt Josephine: No, silly child. He was eaten by leeches.

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Trivia: The instrument that Uncle Monty plays to the children is called an autoharp, from the Appalachian mountains - it's like an accordion, but the piano keys have been replaced with harp strings. Billy Connolly can actually play this instrument in real life, and the song he sings to the children is a song about Scotland, Billy's homeland.

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Question: I'm still confused about something - what exactly was the whole point of the spy glasses?

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Chosen answer: The spy glasses are not explained in the books, but it seems that these are symbols of the fact that they are in VFD, the secret organization we learn about later on in the series. Both Dr. Montgomery and Aunt Josephine's husband and brother-in-law, the Anwhistle brothers, are implied to have been a part of VFD.

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