Which Way To The Front?

Which Way To The Front? (1970)

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Directed by: Jerry Lewis

Starring: Jan Murray, John Wood, Steve Franken

Genres: Comedy, War

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Adolf Hitler: Did you know that last year more people died from cigarette smoking than from bombings?
Brendan Byers III: What will you do about that, F├╝hrer?
Adolf Hitler: Increase the bombings.

Factual error: Due to paranoid fear of sabotage, all Japanese Americans were interred in camps along the west coast during WW2. So it would have been MOST unlikely for Yamashita (especially considering his military background) to simply walk about freely and to have work as a gardener.

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Trivia: The assassination attempt on Hitler obviously originates from the historical attempt from July 20, 1944, by Oberst von Stauffenberg, as it should have been under "ideal" conditions - except that the bombing occurred in Hitler's command center the "Wolfsschanze," in East Prussia.

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