Blade: Trinity

Trivia: Series star Wesley Snipes was reportedly unhappy with the script, and thus caused great difficulty on set. In addition to refusing to leave his trailer, mistreating the cast and crew and becoming violent on at least one occasion, he also refused to film certain scenes out of protest. Director David Goyer and the editing team were forced to use creative editing to add Snipes into scenes he refused to shoot. (Ex. In certain scenes, Snipe's body-double was filmed from behind to give the illusion that Blade was on-screen. In certain scenes, footage of Snipes from alternate takes of other scenes would be spliced-in to add him, etc.) Other actors were also reportedly given much of Snipes' dialogue because he refused to film so many sequences.

Trivia: In the Dracula shop when Dracula enters you can see the girl from the shop wears a Motorhead T-shirt. Motorhead sings the entrance song (The Game) of HHH, who's in this movie.

Trivia: The Nightstalkers were introduced in the film with the hope that they would be able to be featured in their own spin-off movie. Because they are more obscure characters, the producers and director felt it better to introduce them in a pre-established franchise, and they were written into this film. Unfortunately, their spin-of feature never came to be.

Trivia: The whole vampire final solution plot line, with the humans in the big vacuum bags being harvested for their blood is actually an unused sub plot from Blade 1. In Blade 1, the vampire Frost was originally to merge with a Blood Tide and wipe out all humans on the planet. He had planned on the storage idea to maintain a food source for the vampire race once this was completed. This plotline was shown to test audiences who hated the ending (with Frost merging into a giant tornado of blood once the ceremony was completed). According to the directors commentary on the deleted scene on the DVD, the creators had to come up with a new ending and they chose the big sword match. They then dropped the humans as blood cows thing as it was no longer needed for the story. It was then resurrected, almost picture perfectly (based on the story boards for Blade 1 - again on the DVD) for this movie.


Trivia: Jessica Biel accidentally destroyed a $300,000 camera during production. Director David Goyer wanted a shot of Biel firing an arrow directly into the center of the frame, and thus one of the production's cameras was outfitted with a protective cover that shielded the entire body... except for the lens, which needed to remain uncovered. Biel was instructed to fire directly at the lens, as it was assumed that from the distance she fired, she wouldn't be able to nail the shot. On the first take, she fired the arrow, which went directly into the center of the lens, and completely destroyed the inside of the camera.

Trivia: The first major studio film directed by David S. Goyer, whom wrote all three movies. Another director was lined up, but fired early in production, and Goyer was selected as a last-minute replacement. Series star Wesley Snipes, weary of Goyer's lack of experience and wanting a veteran director, protested, which was the start of the behind-the-scenes drama mentioned elsewhere in the trivia.


Trivia: Despite the production troubles on this film, series star Wesley Snipes has long lobbied to get a fourth film made to redeem the series after this third film was met with a generally lukewarm reception from fans. Though he tried for a number of years, the rights to the character eventually reverted back to Marvel, whom have hinted at a potential reboot as opposed to a fourth film.


Trivia: On the DVD/Blu-Ray, there's an alternate ending featuring a werewolf. In the scene, director David S. Goyer appears in a cameo as the casino-goer that Hannibal King punches and throws onto a table.


Trivia: Reportedly, after violent confrontations on and off-set instigated by star Wesley Snipes, communications between he and director David Goyer completely broke down. For the remainder of the shoot, they communicated via post-it notes, which they had crew members pass back and forth between them. Snipes would always sign his "From Blade."

Trivia: The one-eyed newspaper vendor who is speaking to Whistler in Esperanto is Gabriel Beristain, the film's director of photography.

Trivia: According to actress Kate Beckinsale, a few years after the release of "Blade: Trinity," Sony/Screen Gems approached New Line and tried to pitch a crossover movie in which Blade would appear in an "Underworld" film, but New Line declined the offer.


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Continuity mistake: When Blade has been rescued by Abigail and Hannibal and the 3 of them are approaching the hideout, notice in Abigail's back quiver there is one arrow left, yet in the next shot when they're walking up the stairs she has two.

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Question: SPOILER: Blade is shown to be driving towards another battle during the end credits. Does this mean that the virus only killed the vampires in the building? Wasn't it supposed to destroy all the vampires in the world?

Answer: No, the amount was only enough to destroy the vampires in the immediate vicinity.


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