Blade: Trinity
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Continuity mistake: When Blade has been rescued by Abigail and Hannibal and the 3 of them are approaching the hideout, notice in Abigail's back quiver there is one arrow left, yet in the next shot when they're walking up the stairs she has two.

Blade: Trinity mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Blade jumps through the police station window and lands on the pavement outside, we see a lot of broken glass from the window falling with him and landing all around him, yet when he stands up and says, "Forgot my sword," there is no glass to be seen anywhere.

Blade: Trinity mistake picture

Continuity mistake: Hannibal wears a "Hello my name is" tag that seems to slightly change condition and placement during the rescue of Blade from the familiars. Then when they get back to the Nightstalker lair, there's a close-up in which the tag looks nearly new.


Continuity mistake: When Sommerfield is talking to Blade about Daystar and says to him "we're calling it Daystar", Sommerfield is standing opposite Blade. In the following shot she moves to standing by his side, then back to where she was. (00:49:35)


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Hannibal King: She's dowloading playlists. You know, rap hip hop, what the kids are into nowadays. Me? I'm more of a David Hasselhoff fan.

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Question: SPOILER: Blade is shown to be driving towards another battle during the end credits. Does this mean that the virus only killed the vampires in the building? Wasn't it supposed to destroy all the vampires in the world?

Answer: No, the amount was only enough to destroy the vampires in the immediate vicinity.


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