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Corrected entry: The vampire dogs' mouths (when they are in vampire-mode) are the same as the Reapers' from "Blade II" (2003).

Correction: When we see the Pomeranian, the big guy tells Reynolds they've been experimenting with other species - adding Vampire DNA to dogs, for example. This IS the same type of experimentation they referred to in Blade II, so it's not technically trivia - it's obviously referred to. What I didn't understand was why Dracula himself has that mouth-expanding ability. As the source of the Vampires, he shouldn't have something that was mutated centuries after his birth.

Corrected entry: When Abigail loosens the rope that is securing Sommerfield's arms to the wall, she pulls on the main loop, revealing that it's just a slip knot. Sommerfield could have easily freed herself, or at least the weight of her body should have pulled those loose.


Correction: Cowboys in the old west often used a knot to tie up horses that could be untied by pulling on one end but could not come loose when the horse pulls on the other.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Blade's base is blown up, there is a shot of Blade being thrown into the air. This is not CGI or even wirework. When the director asked the pyrotechnicians to rig the warehouse, they decided to make the explosion bigger - without telling anybody. The resulting explosion threw the stunt double three metres into the air and nine metres backwards.

Correction: It's just plain false.

Simply saying "It's just plain false" is not a valid correction. You need to provide more detail, such as the stunt coordinator, director, script supervisor, etc. stated in the interview that what is stated in the original entry is not how it happened.

Phaneron Premium member

MythBusters Episode 186: Bouncing Bullet - The shock wave from an explosion can propel a jumping person to a distance far beyond what he could achieve on his own. Busted.

Corrected entry: In the 3rd scene where Blade chases down the car of vampires, he approches the last one (the human) and Danica videos this from the building ledge behind him. She lowers the camera before the human removes his false fangs and promptly dies. Next scene, Danica is reviewing her tape and you see Blade leaving the scene *after* the human dies, as the police helicopter with search-light arrives. Her recording could not have included this. (00:12:00 - 00:13:00)

Correction: True. She does lower the video camera, but the shot is on Blade and the guy on the ground long enough for her to have raised the camera back up in time to film Blade running off after the searchlight hits him, which is what's on the screen when Danica reviews the recording.

Corrected entry: It is mentioned early in the film by the tech specialist to Blade that Drake would have a skeletal structure that would allow him to use concentration and practice to take on the physical structure of other humans. In the movie's ending, It would therefore be impossible for his body to just simply morph from Blade's form to Drake's own form during the autopsy because he was unconscious and dead.

Correction: You're entirely confused. The point was that Drake - while concentrating - could hold different shapes. In death, he obviously stopped concentrating, and while the muscles held their current state (that of Blade) temporarily, eventually they relaxed and turned back to Drake's normal form.

Corrected entry: In the sequence when the vampires unearth Drake's body in the ruins, a subtitle identifies the place as "Syrian Desert". However, later when the Nightstalkers tell Blade about it, they say Drake was just found in Iraq. Although they are neighboring countries, Syria and Iraq are obviously not the same place.

Correction: The Syrian Desert covers parts of modern Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and Iraq.

Corrected entry: After Blade has chased Drake through the city and the two of them are on the rooftop, Drake (holding a baby) starts talking about Blade's weakness for humans. Notice during Drake's speech his fangs disappear and reappear between shots.

Correction: Drake's a shape-shifter. His fangs can appear and disappear at will.

Corrected entry: Blade makes the mistake of shooting a human at the beginning of the movie, thinking he is a vampire. In the first movie, Blade points out that he can tell the difference just by the way vampires move.

Correction: This can be explained two ways: 1) the guy was in a car/injured, so this could have affected Blade's judgement as he could not see the guy naturally move. or 2) later on, Whistler says Blade is getting sloppy (or something similar), so maybe Blade is just getting cocky. Either way, I think this is just a mistake on Blade's part and not the movie itself.

Corrected entry: Immediately after Hannibal and Abigail rescue Blade they are in a car with Triple H chasing them. Abigail shoots him in the eye with an arrow and he doesn't turn to ash. This makes no sense considering that all of Abigail's other arrows that hit vampires turn them into ash, and there's no logical reason she would equip herself with a non-silver tipped arrow on the off chance that she'd want to shoot a civilian or only briefly slow down a vampire.

Correction: Not EVERY vampire responds to silver. If you remember the first Blade movie, the character Quinn got stuck by two silver stakes, and they didn't kill him.

Ryan Andersen

Corrected entry: In the scene when Danica and Drake go to bed together, there is a close up shot of Danica's cross necklace. In that shot, you can see wrinkles in a flesh colored shirt meant to cover up her chest, but still look like she has nothing on under her robe. Later in the scene when Danica takes the necklace off, the shirt is obviously gone. (01:05:30 - 01:07:15)

Correction: At no point is the actress wearing a flesh colored shirt. You can even very clearly see the inside sides of her breasts through most of the scene. The only thing that would even remotely resemble wrinkles in a shirt would be the shadows from her locks of hair.

Phaneron Premium member

Corrected entry: When Blade and Abigail find the Blood Farm, they discuss it with the officer and Blade gives the officer 20 seconds to run away. He counts to 20, the officer runs, and Blade shoots him in the back. He dies near the door. After destroying the Blood Farm by shutting down the computer, Abigail and Blade leave the Blood farm through the same door, but the corpse of the officer is no longer there.

Correction: We only see the Chief get shot and fall to the ground. It's quite possible that he didn't die immediately and managed to make it some distace away from the blood farm.

Corrected entry: The opening shot with the vampire punks attacking Jessica Biel is the West Coast Express train station Waterfront in Vancouver, B.C. No effort was made to cover the signs, and for a brief second, the name is visible, as well as several shots of the WCE logo, TransLink notices, and such.

Correction: Nowhere in the film does it state what city Blade and the Vampires are in. So it is very possible they could be in Vancouver.

Corrected entry: When Dracula turns up at the hide out he is disguised as Whistler (has taken his form). How does he know what Whistler looks like when he died before Dracula appeared and he therefore never saw Whistler, surely Dracula must see the person before he can take their form?

George Colvan Premium member

Correction: Not "surely." It's never said if he has to see a person before taking their form. However, finding pictures of Whistler wouldn't have been difficult for Danika and her gang.


Corrected entry: When Blade is chasing Drake through the apartments, Blade comes across a woman screaming, "He took my baby." This woman is black. Later on in the following scene on the roof, Drake throws the stolen baby into the air and Blade catches it. When Blade looks at the baby, it looks entirely white, and it has no hint of any black skin at all; in fact, the baby looks quite Asian.

Correction: For all we know the baby is adopted.


Corrected entry: Blade's 1968 Dodge Charger should have been damaged to some extent when it runs over the motorcycle.

Correction: It is shown throughout all Blade movies that the Dodge Charger went through highly significant modifications to its performance etc, so you could assume that the bottom of the car or all of the car went through enough change to not be damaged by a motorbike, or have very little damage to it.


Corrected entry: If you pay attention to Ryan Reynolds as he shoots at Parker Posey during his rescue of Blade, you'll see that the holes he shoots in the wall have exploded the paint of the wall outwards. Obviously this is because of the squibs used instead of bullets. (00:36:05)

Correction: That is how a wall would react when hit by a bullet. The outer wall is blown outwards and the inner wall follows the bullet.

Corrected entry: In the scene when King fights Grimwood, King is wearing a white shirt and gets slammed to the ground many times, on his back and chest. In the next scene, with the dogs, his shirt is very white, except for a spot of blood on the chest, from his previous injury. After all the times he hit the ground during the fight his shirt should be filthy, but it is not.

Correction: King encounters the vampire dogs BEFORE he fights Grimwood. After he deals with the dogs, he is walking backward flipping the dogs off, and he falls back into the room he just came from. After he falls, Grimwood walks up and asks him about his dog and the fight happens.

Corrected entry: When Blade chases the evil Drake through an apartment building, Drake steals a woman's baby, and escapes by leaping out the window and into the building across the alley. Blade himself leaps out the broken window. From below, we see him burst from the window of a brown brick building. Inside of the other building, we see Blade burst through the intact window (it should have already been broken by Drake). The building seen outside the window has changed from brown brick to modern white cement. All of the people standing around are surprised by Blade's appearance, even though Drake supposedly had just burst through the same window only seconds before.

Correction: Blade broke through a window on a different floor.

Corrected entry: While the scene is changing from night to day at a very fast pace you can see a speeding train go by. Run it in slow motion and you will see Canada labeled on several of the train's cars. This is supposed to be Los Angeles, California. (00:04:05)

Correction: The city in which the movie takes place is never specified. The director says so during a commentary of the special features DVD.

Corrected entry: According to vampire legend, vampires do not have reflections. Yet just before the scene where Drake goes into the vampire shop, he looks in the window and we see his reflection.

Correction: First of all, movies do not need to follow every aspect of the legends they are based on. They are free to incorporate all or parts of the legends as the film-makers decide suits them best. And the vampires in the "Blade"-saga do have reflections normally. Second, even if the "normal" vampires in "Blade" did NOT have reflections, Drake (Dracula) is extremely different from them. For instance, he can change his shape and walk in sunlight without burning. Who's to say he would have any other vampire weaknesses?


Continuity mistake: When Sommerfield is talking to Blade about Daystar and says to him "we're calling it Daystar", Sommerfield is standing opposite Blade. In the following shot she moves to standing by his side, then back to where she was. (00:49:35)


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Hannibal King: She's dowloading playlists. You know, rap hip hop, what the kids are into nowadays. Me? I'm more of a David Hasselhoff fan.

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Question: How did Drake discover the Nightstalkers hidden base?

Answer: It's possible that he followed one of them back to the base. This is feasible since they wouldn't be able to tell that he was following them because of his shape-shifting abilities.

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