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Continuity mistake: When Blade has been rescued by Abigail and Hannibal and the 3 of them are approaching the hideout, notice in Abigail's back quiver there is one arrow left, yet in the next shot when they're walking up the stairs she has two.

Continuity mistake: When Sommerfield is talking to Blade about Daystar and says to him "we're calling it Daystar", Sommerfield is standing opposite Blade. In the following shot she moves to standing by his side, then back to where she was. (00:49:35)


Revealing mistake: While Blade's dangling a familiar off the roof, the familiar's phone rings (a Nokia 5210). Blade looks at the screen and sees the doctor's name. However, the display we see is a Nokia phone book listing with only one entry, rather than the "incoming call" display.

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Continuity mistake: In the scene where Hannibal King is chained to the floor in a cage, some shots show that the cage has bars across the top. When Blade drops through the window, he drops down through the top of the cage which no longer has bars on top.

Continuity mistake: After Blade shot the human, he walks up to where the human is lying on the ground. The male body lies to the left of the yellow line on the road. When Danica is looking at what she has recorded, on her computer's monitor, the body shown on the screen is now lying on the yellow line. (00:11:50)


Revealing mistake: In the very last shot where Blade is seen on a real tight shot and then it pulls out to reveal him on his motorcycle, that is obviously not Wesley Snipes. The skin was lighter, and as it pulls away, you see the side of the face for a moment, and it sure ain't Wesley.


Continuity mistake: At the end when Blade walks into the room where Drake is, in a side shot of Drake's arm, he has it by his side; in the next shot he doesn't. (01:37:25)


Continuity mistake: Towards the beginning of the interrogation between Dr. Vance and captured Blade, Vance's jacket is constantly buttoning and unbuttoning itself.

Blade: Trinity mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Blade jumps through the police station window and lands on the pavement outside, we see a lot of broken glass from the window falling with him and landing all around him, yet when he stands up and says, "Forgot my sword," there is no glass to be seen anywhere.

Continuity mistake: Shortly after the Interrogation scene (when Danica, Asher, and Jarko walk in to meet Blade) Asher Talos begins to unlock Blade's hand restraints. Not only is his head up, then right next to Blade's face in the very next shot, but he also has a cigarette in his mouth when he begins. In the next shot the cigarette is gone, and does not reappear.

Continuity mistake: In the interrogation room scene where Hannibal King rescues Blade, when Blade kicks Triple H through the wall, Blade says " Go " to Hannibal he grabs his gun, if you slow it down, the bag with the syringes has gone in one shot and reappeared on the table in another. (00:35:25)


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Audio problem: When the chief of police arrives at the blood farm he is surprised by Blade and Abigail. He quickly reaches inside his jacket to draw his pistol but Abigail draws her revolver much faster. As she draws there is the unmistakable metallic sound of a revolver being cocked, but when she extends the revolver out in front of her to cover the chief the hammer is down, not cocked. The revolver could be seen in the holster with the hammer down, so she could not have been manually decocking it to make that sound.


Continuity mistake: When Hannibal and Abigail come to rescue Blade, Hannibal sticks the serum thing in Blade's mouth. Just a frame after that you see Blade still sitting with his head down and no serum thing in his mouth, then in the very next frame, it's back again.

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Plot hole: It is said that Drake has been sleeping for 4,000 years. But Drake specifically mentions that he witnessed Christ being crucified, which happened around 2,000 years ago. This harkens back to a plot line where Drake had only been sleeping since the turn of the century, abandoned in favor of the one shown in the movie.

Continuity mistake: When Danica and the others are inside the pyramid, Danica is holding her blue lantern at chest height but when the camera cuts to an overhead shot of the sinking sand, the lantern is being held down by the legs, at the left of the screen. (The blue light reflection is on the knee.) (00:03:15)


Continuity mistake: In the beginning after the car chase, the helicopter spotlight that follows Blade when he runs away from the man he just killed is much different than in the video on the computer that the female vampire is watching.

Deliberate mistake: When Blade Abigail and Hannibal go to visit Dr Vance, Drake grabs Hannibal they move to a window, if you look behind them, the window is closed, then when Drake stabs Hannibal the window is open, then after drake goes out the window, you hear the window smash, even though he went out an open window. (00:56:15)


Continuity mistake: When Blade goes back to his base where Whistler is, and they begin to talk over the night's mess up, Blade pulls out the dagger Whistler made. In the first shot he is holding the dagger by its handle, then in a shot from the back he is holding it at the blade, and next shot back at the handle again. (00:13:10)


Factual error: When Blade notices the piece of Dracula's armour in the Nightstalkers' headquarters he's shown an image of what the full armour looks like. It'd be impossible to extrapolate a full suit of armour from such a small piece.


Blade: What's behind the door?
Police Captain: I can't tell you, they'll kill me.
Blade: Motherfucker, I'll kill you, now tell me!

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Question: In the movie, there is a song playing as everyone is hunting the vampires (there are a few split-screen images, and they show a few vampire glyphs), could anyone tell me what the name of this song is, and who sings it? The words 'This Blood' are repeated a few times, but I checked that song and it doesn't seem to be the one playing.

Answer: It's "Hard Wax" by Manchild.

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