Love, Honour and Obey

Ray starts to get sick of Jonny and organises for Matthew to kill him, while he is in the bathroom. When he's about to shoot him, Jonny runs off, out to Ray's wedding, where Matthew shoots at Jonny, but misses and hits Burdis by accident, Burdis dies. Ray and Sean both organise a 'Fancy Dress Party' for Jonny. He comes in the clown suit showing that the person who kept popping up earlier in the film is him. Jude reveals to Jonny that its a party to get rid of him. Matthew appears out of nowhere in a bear suit and shoots Jonny in the head. As Matthew leaves, Sean allows Ray to shoot Matthew, Ray does so, in anger for Matthew ruining his wedding. Both Sean and Ray apologise and get on with their lives.

jezzy t

Continuity mistake: When the south gang are driving away in their green van and it gets shot, the bullet holes change position from the inside shot and the outside shot. (01:04:00)


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Matthew: Enter the fuckin' dragon.

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