Trivia: Many details are based on Plutarch's "Life of Alexander." These include: Alexander taunting Philip for being too drunk to walk from one couch to another, Bagoas' dance Hephaestion not following the medic's dietary restriction, eating poultry, in particular Alexander and Hephaestion reading letters from Olympias together; Alexander using his ring to signal that the content was to remain confidential, the taming of Bucephalus Phillip's assassination, and Olympias keeping snakes in her bedchamber.

Factual error: The backdrop to the party scene in India shows a large building with glass windows. The Romans were the first to use glass windows some 300 years later.

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Olympias: You are everything Phillip was not. He was coarse, you are refined. He was a general, you are a king. He could not rule himself. And you shall rule the world.

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