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Olympias: I was never a barbarian as Phillip said. We are of Achilles' royal blood.

Old Ptolemy: Within hours we were fighting like Jackals for his corpse. The wars of the world had begun. Forty years, off and on, they endured, until we divided his empire in four parts. I think Alexander would have been disappointed in us.

Old Ptolemy: In the end, I believe, Babylon was a far easier mistress to enter than to leave.

Alexander: But you dream Crateros... Your simplicity long ended, when you took Persian mistresses and children, and you thickened your holdings with plunder and jewels... Because you have fallen in love with all the things in life that destroy men... do you not see... and you, as well as I, know, that as the year decline and the memories stale and all your great victories fade it will always be remembered, you left your king in Asia.

Hephaistion: The king lives! Alexander, son of Phillip! May the gods bless Alexander! Alexander is king.

Old Ptolemy: Alexander used to say that we are most alone when we are with the myths.

Alexander: May all those who come here after us know, when they see this altar, that titans were once here.

Olympias: The world is yours. Take it.

Alexander: You birthed me in a sack of hate! Hate you have for those stronger than you.
Olympias: I taught you my heart! And by Zeus and Dionysus you grew beautiful.
Alexander: Damn your sorceress soul.
Olympias: Your soul is mine, Alexander.
Alexander: No! You've taken from me everything I've ever loved! You've made me you.
Olympias: Stop it! Stop acting like a boy! You're a king, act like one.

Old Ptolemy: It was said later that Alexander was never defeated in his lifetime, except by Hephaistion's thighs.

Crateros: In the rain and the sun we've fought for you. Some of us fifty battles we've been in. We've killed many a barbarian. And now when I look around, how many of their faces do I see?
Alexander: You know there's no part of me without a scar or a bone broken. I've shared every hardship with all of you.
Crateros: Aye, you have, my king. And we love you for it. But, by Zeus, too many have died. We're just humble men. We seek no disturbance with the gods. All we wish for is to see our children.

Alexander: While in your mind and body are stretched to breaking you have no thought beyond the next. And you look back then and there it was, happiness. In the doing, never the thinking.

Old Ptolemy: We all felt there was more here than sexual bickery. Alexander wanted the truth, and Philotas' answers were lacking merit. Alexander put him, silently and quickly, to trial by his peers. And whether plotter or opportunist, Philotas was found guilty of treason. None of us defended Philotas, but then again, none of us ever liked him.

Horse Seller: My noble king, it is a high spirited animal. High spirited and worthy of Philip of Macedon, for three and a half talents. I couldn't possibly make a bigger profit of it, but for you.
Philip: Why would I want such a beast? I already have a wife.

Philip: Shut your foul mouth, you ten-titted bitch from Hades.

Olympias: You are everything Phillip was not. He was coarse, you are refined. He was a general, you are a king. He could not rule himself. And you shall rule the world.

Young Alexander: One day I'll be on walls like these.

Alexander: Conquer your fear, and I promise you, you will conquer death.

Revealing mistake: Towards the beginning of the movie, young Alexander tames a horse and then jumps on the horse and rides off. He is supposed to be riding bareback, but in one of the shots from a distance, you can tell that the actor's feet are in stirrups.

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Trivia: Many details are based on Plutarch's "Life of Alexander." These include: Alexander taunting Philip for being too drunk to walk from one couch to another, Bagoas' dance Hephaestion not following the medic's dietary restriction, eating poultry, in particular Alexander and Hephaestion reading letters from Olympias together; Alexander using his ring to signal that the content was to remain confidential, the taming of Bucephalus Phillip's assassination, and Olympias keeping snakes in her bedchamber.

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