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Seed of Chucky (2004)

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Continuity mistake: During the Sound Stage scene, Chucky and Tiffany kill the puppeteer by chopping his head off with wire. When the blood splatters all over Tiffany's and Chucky's faces, Tiffany's right eye is covered in blood. In the next shot there is no sign of blood in the eye at all.

Factual error: When the babies are born, there are no umbilical cords.

Continuity mistake: Towards the end when Glen cut his father's arm off, you see him lying there screaming and bleeding. The blood from his arm on the floor is making a puddle and then it cuts to Glen's face. When it shows Chucky's arm (or stump) again, there is no puddle, just blood following the crack in the floor tile.

Audio problem: When Glen/Glenda is in the baby cradle, the words do not match the lips when he/she says, "We can finally be a real family."

Continuity mistake: When Jennifer is getting ready for her date, the perfume is on the table in the first shot, but in the next shot, she is spraying it on herself.

Revealing mistake: When Jennifer is being pursued by Tiffany in her house, Jennifer trips over her stiletto. When she falls you can tell it is a stunt woman as she is a bit shorter than Jennifer Tilly (also look at the ass). Revealed in DVD commentary.

Continuity mistake: Joan falls from the banister face up, but when the police see her, she's face down.

Revealing mistake: Near the end, when Glenda says, "That's my name. Don't you wear it out," she bends her left hand back and you can see the joint mechanisms (sticking out from under her wrist) that are used to move her hands. This is odd because Glenda is supposed to be a plastic doll in the film, while Chucky and Tiffany are supposed to be animatronic figures brought to life.

Visible crew/equipment: After seeing Frankenstein, Wolfman and a melted figure, Glenn walks by two sets of shelves. On the second one, as he walks by, you see the gnome's reflection then the camera's reflection in a drawer.

Visible crew/equipment: When Jennifer Tilly is being hassled by the paparazzi, she gets in the front of the car, then the camera follows Chucky, Tiffany and Glen's feet hopping in the car. Watch the silver limo bar, the camera dolly track is visible in it. It can't be the limo's feet reflection, because the camera reflection moves and stops the exact same time as the camera stops in its tracks.

Revealing mistake: When Joan is burned and she flies over the railing, you see it's not Joan but a stunt double. The stunt double is also obvious in other shots in the film.

Audio problem: Joan is already screaming when Glenda burns her, but the scream effect doesn't kick in until a second afterward.

Visible crew/equipment: In the scene where the box containing Glen/Glenda is in the SFX room, as Glen/Glenda crawls out of the box, a shadow of the boom mic and the pole is very apparent on the wall behind the box.

Continuity mistake: When Joan walks in to see Tilly and Stan tied up on the bed, both Tilly's and Stan's feet are tied to the bedrail but are lying flat on the mattress. When Joan is set on fire, there is a shot where you can see Tilly's and Stan's feet again, only this time, they are elevated and resting on the bedrail they are tied to.

Chucky: Christ! Enough about your mother! I killed that bitch 20 years ago and she still won't shut up.

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Trivia: The directorial debut of series creator Don Mancini. Mancini had written or co-written the four prior films. Mancini has continued to serve as series director since this film's release, also solo writing and directing the two subsequent entries as well.


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Answer: Have you ever SEEN demon doll DNA? It's creepy! Not at all like your 'normal' DNA. Now, if you have a Barbie and Ken doll having a kid, you'd get something nice like a P.J. Doll. You mix evil, twisted, Chucky with psychopathic Tiffany and all bets are off, baby-wise. I'm surprised that Glen turned out as well as he did! And with a Cockney accent?

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