Finding Neverland

Corrected entry: In the Cowboys and Indians scene, Peter starts the scene wearing a brown vest. Throughout the entire scene, the vest is on in some shots, and off in other shots. (00:17:10)

Correction: This scene combines an imagination sequence with the reality sequences that occur in their garden. Peter is wearing the brown cowboy vest in the imagination scenes where everything is more elaborate and everyone is wearing more cowboy and Indian gear than they are in reality (George even has a moustache and beard). It is not shown in the scenes in the garden because it was part of their imagination.

Corrected entry: When James is showing the family in the park how he can dance with his dog, James walks backwards away from the family and you can see Porthos in the background. Porthos starts out facing something on the right side of the screen and he then circles his head around until he is facing the left side of the screen. The dog's trainer was off camera and directing him which way to look.

Correction: Even though this is probably true, there are other plausible situations and a variety of reasons the dog would have done that. For example, he could be watching others in the park or just doing something to entertain himself.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Barrie is asking Peter to use his name for one of the characters, Peter says 'What should I say?' In this shot you can see Barrie frowning. However, in the next shot when he says 'Say Yes' he's smiling, even though it was an instant shot change and he had no time to change his expression.

Correction: I only had to watch this once to see that there is enough time for him to change his expression.

Corrected entry: When they are playing cricket, a match is going on in the background. Johnny Depp is sitting on the bench, all padded up and ready to bat next, when his side loses a wicket. He doesn't move, however, just carries on the conversation with his team-mate, lamenting the fact that he was trying to impress Kate Winslet and his team was losing miserably. If he was wearing pads, that would make him the next batter up and he would immediately be expected to walk out onto the pitch when the wicket fell, not sit there chatting with his friend.

Correction: Wearing pads wouldn't necessarily make Depp the next man in - it is common in cricket for more than one person to be prepared in case two or more wickets fall in quick succession.

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Continuity mistake: When James and the kids are going down the dirt road in his car, the road is muddy and wet. When the camera pulls away for a birds-eye-view, the road is suddenly dry. (00:35:10)

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J.M. Barrie: Hello! Thought you could escape from Captain Swarthy, eh? Off to the ship with you, then.

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Trivia: In the scene where the families are sitting down for a formal dinner, and Barrie is entertaining the children, behind the scenes the producers and Depp used a fart machine to make the children laugh more.


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Question: Why was the film banned in Malaysia?

Answer: Malaysia imposes strict morality codes for films, books, etc. and J.M. Barry's suspected homosexuality and pedophilia, although not portrayed in the movie, may have been deemed too controversial and offensive a topic for their culture.

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