Beyond the Mat

Terry Funk comes out of retirement after three months. Darren Drozdov is given a contract by the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) and wrestles as "Droz", but is crippled several months later and rendered a quadriplegic. Michael Modest and Tony Jones are not hired by the WWF. Roland Alexander continues to train wrestlers but is forced to stop holding shows due to fire safety violations. Jake Roberts is jailed for non-payment of child support. Extreme Championship Wrestling signs a television deal with a Nashville Network. The WWF makes an Initial Public Offer and floats on the stock market. Director Barry Blaustein reveals that he is no closer to comprehending the mindset of a wrestler.

Kyle Drummond

Barry W. Blaustein: I could never get over the fact that guys could beat the crap out of each other in the ring, and be friendly outside of it. Some of Terry's most famous matches were against a man twenty years his junior: Mick Foley. Over the years, Mick and Terry had traveled the world, setting each other on fire, tossing each other into barbed wire. Yet outside the ring, they were truly at peace with one another.

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