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Revealing mistake: When Alfie goes back to see Julie, he stands in the street, apparently looking towards the cafe, but we can see the cafe (and especially the building next to it with red awnings) in the distance behind him. (01:08:30)


Continuity mistake: In the absinthe-fuelled scene between Liz and Alfie when they fall about each other on the reclining sofa, the stereo remote control is visible in all shots half tucked under the pillow. Until the end when Liz gets up and the shot changes angle, the stereo remote control has disappeared completely.

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Joe: You did the only thing you could do. You behaved like a gentlemen.
Alfie: I've never been accused of that before.
Joe: Don't get all choked up. You also behaved like a scheming, back-stabbing, so low could look up a snake's asshole, son of a bitch. Next time think before you unzip.
Alfie: Alright, you screwed up. So what are you gonna do, hmm? Run to the bridge? The question is, what's gonna happen with the rest of your life.

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Question: Why did Alfie start to have problems Nikki when she broke a champagne glass and got a little loud on New Years? Since they went to a lot of parties and she was the wild, adventurous type, I don't understand why this surprised and offended him so much.

Answer: As I understood it, when she broke the glass, she was being a bit more wild than usual, which caused Alfie to suddenly realise that her loudness could be annoying. He found her wildness attractive to a point, but she was being more wild than he was prepared to accept.


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