Friday Night Lights
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Other mistake: When Don and his father are driving home and Don's father throws his ring out the window, Don gets out to search for the ring and you can see wet marks on his shins from kneeling on the wet road. However, he hasn't knelt down yet. It must have been from previous takes. Also, when he gets up after kneeling down, his jeans are dry. (01:01:50)

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Factual error: The prescription drug container is dated 12/20/03. The movie takes place in 1988. (00:01:30)

Friday Night Lights mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Miles cleans out his locker he stuffs his "dominator" white towel in the front of his pants. A few shots later after he says "play your ass off, win state, be perfect, all that sh*t" he turns around and faces the camera. The towel is no longer there. A few shots later when he is shown going to his car the towel is once again tucked in the front of his pants. (01:10:25)


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Continuity mistake: When Boobie gets in the car after clearing out his locker the car window is very dirty and spotted, but a few seconds later the camera shows the window again and it is perfectly clean and spotless. (01:11:45)


Friday Night Lights mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Boobie Miles receives his diagnosis from the Midland doctor, he gets upset and rips the x-ray film of his injured knee off the wall. In the next shot, he rips it down again.

Factual error: In one of the shots of the championship game, a player is seen wearing a shirt with an Under Armour logo on it. Under Armour came into existence in 1996, well after the 1988 championship game in question.

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Brian Chavez: I'm gonna miss the heat.
Don Billingsley: I'm gonna miss the lights.
Brian Chavez: Yeah, me too. Stay low boys, keep those feet moving.
Don Billingsley: Hey Chavez! Be perfect.
Brian Chavez: You be perfect.
Don Billingsley: See you Mike.

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Question: When Boobie hurts his knee after going back in when Comer can't find his helmet, wasn't Comer the third string running back? Why couldn't they have kept Boobie's backup in there? On top of that, there was only a minute and some seconds left in the game and Permian was up 42-7. Couldn't they have just taken a knee instead of trying to run another play? The game was out of reach, and there was no need to run another play.

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