In the Heat of the Night

After the murder of "the most important man" In a small town called Sparta, somewhere in Mississippi, an African-American Detective called Virgil Tibbs is accused of the murder by a racist patrol officer. When his innocence is proved, he sets out to find the real killer, with the help of the town's fat gum-chewing sheriff, Bill Gillespie.

Itamar The D.R. Endings

Continuity mistake: In the wide angle shot of Chief Gillespie approaching Virgil Tibbs at the train station, there is a dog on the platform, in between Gillepsie and Tibbs. In the next shot, a closer view of Gillespie approaching Tibbs, the dog is gone.

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Trivia: Norman Jewison asked Rod Steiger to chew gum when playing the role of Gillespie. Steiger resisted at first but then grew to love the idea, and went through 263 packs of gum during the shooting of the film.

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Question: If Ralph has robbed the victim, how come Harvey can also steal his money?

Answer: He didn't. After Ralph killed Mr. Colbert, he stole his wallet. He took the money and threw it away. Harvey found the empty wallet, and that's why the police charged him with murder.

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